America’s Cup? There’s An App For That

3 Oct

Well, Russell always said he was aiming for the Facebook generation. So the America's Cup is not only pushing the envelope on the water. It's also pushing into new territory online. And of course that means an America's Cup app, which is now available for iPad and iPhone.


Here's what the AC organizers are promising:

The new AC mobile application – America’s Cup, which is free and available in the iTunes app store (soon to come for Android), features content such as latest news, results, videos and event schedules, but it’s the delivery of the real

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Fine Tuning the Adjustments

3 Oct

When I look at what the America’s Cup race committee is expected to pull off in the October America’s Cup World Series on San Francisco Bay, inside tight boxes and even-tighter time frames, I am inspired to say:

Good luck, race committee.

Meanwhile, my latest exchange with Stephen Barclay, CEO of America’s Cup Race Management, casts a different framework around the whole discussion launched by Dean Barker’s blog-diatribe on Tuesday (Long Green, Marina Green) regarding changes to the plans for Piers 30-32 in AC34.

Mr. Barclay advises that he presented to the teams, before Barker wrote his piece, ...

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Long Green, Marina Green

3 Oct

Fascinating it is to try to sort out the moving parts in the latest wrinkle between America’s Cup, the teams, and the city of San Francisco. My Inbox at dawn was hardly as tranquil as this scene caught by Daniela Gonda and relayed by AC vet Mike Erlin . . .

Photo © Daniela Gonda

Emirates Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker used the word “bombshell” in his Tuesday blog, referring to what he described as a new deal (redefined by the AC Event Authority) altering “what we have been told would be a fully functioning base area complete with ...

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And the Other News Is . . .

2 Oct

Photo By Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA

The first foiling exercise for USA-17 should have been the news of the day, even though the breeze was mild, the “flight” was brief, and it took the bigsail to get’er up.

But, it seems there has been a change of plans regarding San Francisco piers and team bases for 2013, and the America’s Cup Event Authority has let their Kiwi frenemies have the lead in spinning the story. And Dean Barker has gladly done so.

I figure this will be a developing story. As I recall leaving the storyline a while back, the ...

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ENDLESS STORM: Hurricane Nadine in the Record Books

30 Sep

Hurricane Nadine sat photo

NO ONE HAS BEEN PAYING MUCH ATTENTION, as she’s been wandering around far from land all this time, but as of today Hurricane Nadine has been raging in the North Atlantic for 18 days, which puts her in fourth place on the list of longest-lived named Atlantic storms since 1950. And she’s still not done yet.

As you can see here she has run a rather circuitous route and has already carved out one big clockwise loop south of the Azores. She’s currently in the middle of carving out a much smaller counter-clockwise loop west of the Azores, which, for ...

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Dynex Dux Redux – Stepping the Mast

29 Sep

couple months back I gleefully introduced my fancy new-tech, old-technique rigging and I think it’s past time for an update. I’m using Dynex Dux from Colligo Marine for all of my standing rigging. This is a high-tech synthetic line initially developed for heavy industry which is now being touted as a technological leap and potential sea ...
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J-Boat Bonanza

28 Sep

Whatever you may say about our modern era of high finance and extreme wealth it is rejuvenating the most classic and revered era of yacht racing and design: the J-boat era (which also thrived at a time of extreme wealth, the 1930s).

The result is that you've got an active J-class, and some pretty awesome racing. And that means the rest of us, i.e. those of us who aren't billionaires, can play the voyeur.

For example, you can go aboard Ranger:

The really interesting thing, though, is how some owners, builders, and J-boat enthusiasts went back into

history ...

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GERRY HUGHES: Deaf Sailor in Non-Stop Solo RTW Bid

28 Sep

Gerry Hughes

HE WAS THE FIRST profoundly deaf sailor to circumnavigate the British Isles (1981), the first sail a solo transat (2005), and now Gerry Hughes is going for the big enchilada: solo non-stop all the way around the world via the Southern Ocean. He left Troon, Scotland, on September 1 and is currently south of the Cape Verdes, about 700 miles north of the equator.

He’s already had a fair share of trouble. Tab through the updates on the news page on his website and you’ll see he’s been puzzling over a busted generator, roller-furler, and windvane since leaving Scotland and ...

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Big Moves

27 Sep

My new home:

A couple of days ago  my girlfriend and I marked the end of a very busy week with a midnight bicycle ride up to the boat. It was a quiet, nearly windless night and it seemed a shame to break this stillness so the engine was left uncranked as we eased out of ...
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Google Maps Streetview Goes Underwater

26 Sep

I like a little mystery in my oceans. So I am not sure how I feel about the fact that the engineers at Google have now decided that taking over the terrestrial realm on Earth is not enough, and that it's time for Google to invade the watery realms.

But Google will do what Google will do, and this week they launched an underwater version of Google Maps Streetview, that can take land-dwellers beneath the surface to see panoramic photos of some special reefs.

Here's what's going on, according to the Google blog:

Starting today, you can use

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