Fantasy Yacht Brokerage: PUMA

12 Oct

Well, this is for anyone who has a couple mil just sitting around. Put it to good use, I say, and buy yourself some exhilaration.

How? Well, how about buying yourself a VO70 and taking to the seas at up to 30-plus knots. And I've got just the boat for you: PUMA's Mar Mostro.

I can understand if you doubt my advice, uninformed as it usually is. But take it from Kenny Read:

Do I have your attention now? Good. Because next you'll want to check out the specs. I think you'll agree that

this is what one ...

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Slightly Different Proof of Concept?

11 Oct

When the powers that be (meaning, essentially, Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts) burrowed into the matter of how to build a structure around the 2013 America’s Cup in the hope of insulating it from past craziness and creating stability going forwardand with that, marketability—the first essential that came to mind was independent management.

And then:

One subtext of the recent International Jury ruling permitting Emirates Team New Zealand’s extra-large foils over the objections of the defender and the challenger of record is this: It was a thoroughly independent ruling.

Proof of concept? The International Jury is, I believe, one step ...

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Man Down

11 Oct

Greetings, friends, from 18 23.62 S, 162 36.77 W. We are just starting Day 7 of our Tahiti-to-Tonga run. The winds are dying and poor Papillon is suffering the whack-and-smack of sails that every sailor dreads. But, this morning, I look out upon the ridiculous swell and our unraveling sunbrella with a song in my heart. For I, good people, am once again amongst the living.

We all know that I have trouble with seasickness. (Goodness knows, I haven't kept it a secret.) But normally it is four days of unpleasantness, then I'm back on my feet again. This is ...

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America’s Cup, Now and Then: The ETNZ View

11 Oct

We all spend a lot  of time musing about how the America's Cup has changed in the Larry/Russell era, whether it is a good change or not, and what it all means for the future of the world.

Of course, most of us do that from far outside the AC compound walls. It is, to put it politely, uninformed analysis. So it's both refreshing and informative when the insiders take a crack at sorting out the differences. And worth paying attention.

So here is Emirates Team New Zealand's list of things that are different, and things that are the same:...

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Vendee Globe: Powered By Open 60

10 Oct

Sure, our fickle attentions are distracted by those cool looking boats that have been racing, and flipping, out in San Francisco, and their larger cousins.

But the Vendee Globe is just one month away, and photographer par excellence Christophe Launay has picked the perfect moment to remind us that there are few boats that look more awesome than the venerable Open 60 powering across the seas.

Alex Thompson and Hugo Boss have a knack for drama (if not for always completing races). And they deliver once again, with Launay's help. Check it (full gallery is here):

HUGO ...

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The Sail Transport Network

10 Oct

A few months ago Charlie Doane wrote a blog post about sail powered shipping. It may be viable someday soon, but activity is afoot on a smaller scale. I first came in contact with the Sail Transport Network a few years ago, when I started Wine By Sail.

The idea of Wine By Sail, in its first incarnation, was to deliver wine from wineries around the Bay Area by sailboat, rather than by truck. Now Wine By Sail is my charter business, and we transport wine on a much shorter voyage, from the bottles to our mouths. You ...

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Boat Photography While Underway

10 Oct

Every time I post a picture like the one above I get a bunch of e-mails asking how I did it. Well I'm not a professional photographer, and my equipment is limited to a Canon t3i DSLR camera, a 15mm fisheye, an 18-270mm zoom, and a 50mm, but I do enjoy trying to get unique photos shot from rather strange angles.

So what is my set-up? I'm almost embarrassed to admit it; I'm such a cruiser. Because us cruisers really just make do with whatever we've got at hand don't we? To get these pictures I need three things: a ...

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Ocean Porn: The Age Of GoPro

9 Oct

Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes everything. The GoPro camera is small, it can be mounted on almost anything, and it is waterproof. And it is changing the way we see the world, especially the ocean world.

As photographer Chase Jarvis puts it:

There has never been a more exciting time in the history to be a photographer. Technology in enabling accessibility (and usability) like never before. Hell, if you can imagine it, you can capture it. And you dont have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. Helmet cam footage, a

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LAGOON 380: An Entry-Level Cruising Cat

8 Oct

Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 is not the smallest Lagoon catamaran ever built–both the Lagoon 37, its immediate predecessor, and the Lagoon 35CCC were smaller–but it is the smallest Lagoon currently built and one of the smallest dedicated cruising cats that succeeds in combining both reasonable performance and a “big cat” accommodation plan in a single package. It is a carefully balanced exercise in moderation. Designed by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost and first introduced in 2000, the Lagoon 380 is intended to serve both as a charter fleet workhorse (it is co-branded as the Moorings Lagoon 380) and ...

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