ARC 2012: Homemade Open 60

22 Dec

My Way 60 galley

Belay earlier transmission. Or part of it anyway. That “old Open 60” I pointed out in my last post, I learned yesterday is actually a new Open 60. Or nearly new. Turns out it was first launched in 2010 and was both designed and constructed by its owner, Michele Cassano (see photo up top), who spent eight years of his life working it on Italy’s Adriatic coast. Step aboard and you’ll find the finish quality is indeed a bit agricultural, but still it is a very impressive achievement.

Michele conceived the boat, which he calls My Way 60, ...

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ARC 2012: Rodney Bay Dock Walk

21 Dec

Pogo 50

I’m on the ARC beat in St. Lucia again this week, chilling with my SAILfeed compadres Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson and stalking the pontoons checking out all the peeps and boats that coagulate here in Rodney Bay as the world’s biggest bluewater cruising rally comes to an end. It was a rougher ride than usual through the trades from the Canaries to the W’Indies this year, but spirits are high and the energy, as always, is very positive.

I got here a bit late in the game, so missed some of the fastest boats. These included a sweet high-end ...

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ARC 2012- Volvo Ocean Race Sailors in the ARC

20 Dec

Last year I wrote about how the ARC attracts professional sailors. I highlighted two in particular, Volvo Ocean Race skipper of Team Russia and two-time Olympic sailor in the Star class Andreas Hanakamp, and ocean racing legend Magnus Olsson. Both are back this year, and doing more than ever to make the ARC a unique event in the sailing world. I’ve been having technical difficulties with the SAILfeed site, so follow this link ( to read the full article on the ARC Website....

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Off Sailing!

20 Dec

I got a call about a week back from a friend of mine who is also boat obsessed and an equally off-the-cuff planner. Turns out since the last time we saw each other she has been sailing on and off with a group of like-minded folks on a small flotilla of old plastic boats. Their latest plan is a Christmas jaunt to the Bahamas for a couple weeks and she was calling to invited me to come along with my boat. Unfortunately my boat is momentarily in regression the cockpit dismantled in order to be painted and the cabin a ...

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ARC 2012 – Norwegian Father & Son Duo Sail Double-Handed

19 Dec

Here’s yet another report from the ARC finish in St. Lucia that I’ve been working on. This one is particularly significant to me because of the subject(s). Sven and his dad Kenneth sailed all the way down from Norway together, joining the ARC in St. Lucia, and have a one-year plan to go off on this great adventure together, just the two of them.

My website, in fact, began as, thanks to all of the sailing I’ve done with my dad Dennis. Back in 2006, I was off to Bermuda for my first delivery. I wanted to take ...

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A Musical Education

18 Dec

Most of the time, things are peachy-keen on Papillon.  Most of the time.  But I have a particular objection to puns and inventing hilarious new lyrics for popular songs.  Inevitably (and possibly because of this), Erik has great talent in this area.  He is a master of the jingle-bells-batman-smells style of songwriting, and the girls eat it ...
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STORM PORN: Best 2012 Hurricane Pix

17 Dec

Hurricane data image

It seems to safe to say that the 2012 North Atlantic tropical storm season has come to end, so I’ve been pawing through the sat pix I’ve collected trying to choose my favorite for the year. In terms of storm intensity, it was a rather poor season, so the pickings are a bit slim. Consequently, my number one choice isn’t actually a satellite image. What you see up top, a pictorial rendering of the locations and intensities of all reported tropical storms and hurricanes since 1851, was published by John Nelson of IDV Solutions on his UXBlog on August 20....

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When Family Comes to Call

16 Dec
Dear Readers,
Please excuse the lateness of this post.  My cousin came to visit this weekend.
My cousin came to visit this weekend and we went sailing.
My cousin came to visit this weekend, we went sailing and he and his wife got seasick.
My cousin came to visit this weekend,we went sailing, he and his wife got seasick and we had four young kids aboard.
My cousin came to visit this weekend,we went sailing, he and his wife got seasick, we had four young kids aboard and three of them spent Saturday night throwing up.

Yes, that’s the one....
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Boats in Grand Scale at the International Workboat Show, New Orleans

16 Dec
A giant bank of Lithium-Ion batteries at the Workboat show.

My father was in town again and as usual when this happens we got more done on the boat than I did in the past month or two. The flipside is I feel like I haven’t slept in a week, I’m sore, and I’m behind on everything else in my life. While he was here we went to check out the International Workboat Show where he gave a seminar on hybrid systems (his ‘real’ reason for coming). We spent a day checking out the show, him looking for new ideas ...

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