211: Hank Schmitt // Caribbean Hurricane Relief

12 Oct


#211. Hank & Andy sat down at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to discuss the ongoing relief efforts in the Caribbean due to Hurricane’s Irma & Maria. The successive storms destroyed two of Hank’s favorite islands – St. Martin & Dominica – also the places he calls home aboard ‘Avocation’ during the winter sailing season. Hank discusses his focused effort to help the people of those islands rebuild, and how YOU can help.

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On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, ...

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Them versus US(A)

7 Oct
The Annapolis Boat Show

As I walk the docks at the Annapolis Boat Show I am struck by how different sailing in the US is from sailing in other parts of the world. Add to that the news that there will be an American challenge for the next America’s Cup through the New York Yacht Club and it all starts to make sense. Sailing, or shall is say Yaaahting, has always been viewed as an elitist sport and for good reason. Blue bloods in blue blazers have dominated the America’s Cup which is the most high profile sailing event recognized
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Chapter 9 – Storm Sails – Part 1

4 Oct
Chapter 9 deals with the all important storm sails. In Part 1 we will look at the best options for a Storm Jib including the Gale Sail and in Part 2 we will discuss the Trysail and deploying your storm sails.

You can download this chapter as a pdf here

Few sails in any sailor’s inventory are as neglected, controversial, or ultimately important as storm sails. These generally consist of a trysail, i.e., a kind of mini- mainsail bent on the mast after the regular main has been lashed to the boom, and a storm jib, a tiny scrap of

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210: Skip Novak // Expedition Sailing, Whitbread Race & Old School Navigation

2 Oct

210 skip art.jpg

210: Skip Novak is a leader in the expedition sailing world, and his Pelagic expeditions based in Patagonia are world-class, and a huge inspiration to our business at 59 North with Isbjorn. Skip & Andy spoke about his career in the Whitbread Race, growing up in Chicago, building an expedition business, sailing with Magnus Olsson and much more.

Read more about Skip Novac and his expeditions on pelagic.co.uk

Show Notes:

 Copyright 2011 Pelagic

 Copyright 2011 Pelagic

The original tried and tested Pelagic constantly updated over the last 20 or so ...

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IBEX Winners: Lumitec PLI and Power-Pole Vision

26 Sep

Written by Ben Ellison on Sep 26, 2017 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

IBEX_winner_Lumitec_Power_Line_Instructions_cPanbo.jpgWhat’s amazing and IBEX award worthy about the Lumitec demo board above is that while all those light fixtures are only connected to the same simple two-wire 12v power circuit, each can be switched, dimmed, strobed, color-changed and more, individually or as virtual groups. Lumitec calls the protocol Power Line Instructions (PLI), and, as innovative as it is, it had to share top honors in the electronics category with another new-protocol-based product, and we judges wished we could give out more awards. The boats of the ...

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Shake-up at the Volvo Ocean Race

26 Sep

There has been a big shake-up at the Volvo Ocean Race and it comes less than a month before the next race is scheduled to start from Alicante, the port city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The big news is that Mark Turner is stepping down from his role as CEO. It’s not clear whether Mark is jumping or was pushed but my guess is that he found it difficult to work within the constraints of a huge organization where there are so many stakeholders each with their own agenda. Mark is used to having pretty much sole autonomy over things
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209: Sailing Stories Season 2 Preview // Jean du Sud & the Magick Byrd

26 Sep

Want a signed copy of Yves' book?! Email andy@59-north.com to pre-order!

Want a signed copy of Yves’ book?! Email andy@59-north.com to pre-order!

So, today’s episode with Yves’ Gelinas’ ‘Jean du Sud & the Magick Byrd.’ I have to give you some background on this – Yves has been a hero of mine since first meeting him way back in 2008 and installing his genius Cape Horn wind vane self-steering on Arcturus. He’s also been a hero more recently to Lee Cumberland, the Sailing Stories’ host & also proud owner of a Cape Horn on Satori, his Tayana 37. Lee & I were discussing ideas for Season 2 of SS last spring, ...

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Low Friction Rings: like a donut, but sweeter

25 Sep

ring block dyneema

pinterest low friction ringsAs the quotable quote demands, “ask not what your vang can do for you, ask what you can do for your vang”. OK, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes – but after a few months on a pace through the islands to relative weather security in Grenada, there’s time to catch up on projects aboard Totem and tweaking the vang crept to the top of the list. Swapping that weighty block for low friction ring– the pair pictured above– is a sweet upgrade.

Boom vang improvement

When we bought Totem in 2007, she had a 4:1 tackle vang. No ...

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Mini Innovations

20 Sep
The Mini 6.50 Eight Cube

There has not been any other sailboat class that has sparked as much innovation as Classe Mini, the class association behind the Mini 6.50 sailboats. These tiny yachts are on the cutting edge of sailboat design and have been since the class was first introduced in 1977. Take for example the Mini Eight Cube which will be skippered by the Swiss sailor Simon Koster in the upcoming Mini Transat which starts on October 1. Koster was one of the first to go with the blunt scow-like bow rather than a conventional bow and the boat
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Life after IRMA // Paul Exner Describes a Devastated Tortola // & You Can Help

20 Sep

Paul Isbjorn.JPG

Note: Paul Exner is Isbjorn’s racing skipper and a very close friend of Andy & Mia. He and his young family – including wife Liz (whose Irish), their 3 1/2-year-old son Eoin & 9-month-old daughter Eva – stayed on in Tortola after the island was devastated by Hurricane Irma. As I write this, Hurricane Maria is making landfall in Puerto Rico, where Paul grew up, and she is undoubtedly being felt in the nearby BVI. Paul has checked-in twice on Facebook since IRMA, and these are his thoughts. We’ve setup a fund where you can donate directly to Paul & his ...

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