Dept. Of Sublime Moments: Double Rainbow

13 Dec

The Volvo Ocean Race is as hard-core as sailing gets. But when there is no wind, there is no wind, and you have to take what the sea gods give you.

In this case, the sea gods have seen fit to bestow a beautiful double-rainbow on the long-suffering crew of PUMA. They no doubt are grateful. But there is one thing, and one thing only, that they care about after dropping their rig in Leg 1: winning this leg to Abu Dhabi and clawing their way back into the running (which is possible only because two other boats–in other ...

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Christmas For Dolphin Wannabes

13 Dec

To swim with the fishes you really need to have webbed feet and be able to breathe underwater, like The Mariner. But if you are not so genetically endowed, you can at least have some fun porpoising through the watery realm with a dolphin jetpack. I do wonder what the sharks will make of it, though…


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My Boat’s Broke. Again.

12 Dec

We set out this morning for Tenacatita. But not before raising the anchor by hand thanks to a dead windlass battery. I later discovered that the battery combiner wasn’t working and I was able to just bolt the two wires together for a temporary fix. 

The dinghy davits, which it turns out had broken a total of three support welds, was now a web of lines that actually seemed to hold the whole contraption together quite well. Yet another temporary fix.
We had a nice calm morning and were motoring along in just five knots of wind on ...
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Fairing the Hull Patches: Things Get Messy!

12 Dec

It has been cold of late even here in New Orleans and also a bit wet so we haven’t gotten too much done on the boat itself. But there’s always plenty to do in the shop, so we haven’t been idle! I’ll get into that soon with some posts on the chainplates we are fabricating but for now I’ll pass on a couple lessons we learned from the bit of fairing we’ve been able to do.

Having patched the through hulls satisfactorily, including a second session of glassing on some of them, we have moved onto trying to get them ...

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GUNDALOW LAUNCH: Piscataqua Goes For A Swim

11 Dec

Gundalow launch ceremony

I'd never actually seen this before–the christening and launching of a new vessel. This was on Saturday, here in Portsmouth, NH, just down the street from where I live. After a bit of speechifying by my good friend and neighbor Molly Bolster, a bottle was busted and the good ship Piscataqua, the first new gundalow launched in 30 years, was pushed with some ceremony into the briny.

Gundalows, as I've mentioned before, are the old sailing barges that once were the lifeblood of local commerce here in the Piscataqua watershed. The last one launched, the Edward Adams, ...

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Another Day on the Hook

11 Dec

Spent another day solely on the boat. It’s amazing to me how we can pass an entire day in this small space without any problem whatsoever. Ouest is the only one who you would really expect to complain about it, but she seems completely content to be bobbing around at anchor spending her entire day surrounded by her toys.

I did take her out with me onto the dinghy tied up behind the boat to do a little work. She helped me pump it up with air where I discovered to my utter disbelief that I still had a ...
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Just Another Day at Anchor

10 Dec

We didn’t go anywhere today, not even off the boat. Perfect weather, a beautiful bay, and a tired and sick family made the decision to just lounge around on the boat an easy one. In fact we’ve been boat bound now for three days and don’t really mind it one bit.

I patched the hole in the dinghy. A proper patch this time, and I barely even used my super glue, opting instead for the hyphalon repair kit included with the dinghy. We cleaned the boat up, everyone got showers, we ate tacos and guacamole, and I went for a ...
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Sailing to Chamela, Mexico

9 Dec

There is no more difficult way to travel one hundred miles than to sail it. Riding bikes would have been a breeze. Jogging with Ouest on my shoulders, no problem. Sailing. My goodness, I’m beat.

Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Ali was up with a crying Lowe most of the night. He got sick too now. And I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to get the transmission coupler fixed.
So anyway, the sun came up, beautiful morning, and I crawled inside the bowels of the engine compartment. It didn’t take me long ...
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Back on the Move

8 Dec

Finally time to move on. We were ready this morning when the kids got up, and at eight-thirty, just half an hour behind schedule we were ready to take off. A couple of dock workers were there to throw off our lines and we could be on our way. The engine was warmed up and ready, but just before I put the engine in reverse I turned the wheel to center the rudder. And a good thing I did too, because the wheel wouldn't turn to the left. 

Without a clue as to what might cause that to happen ...
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YONI, an unusual design project, an unusual client

7 Dec


YONI lines.jpg


Yoni-stb-8- 153.jpgI thought what I would do from time to time is to go back though my designs and pick a few that I found to be the more interesting projects and go into detail on exactly how that project worked. I know some of the boats I pick will also be in my book YACHT DESIGN ACCORDING TO PERRY but I had layers of editors when I wrote the book. I don’t have an editor for my blog. I suppose you figured that out already.So in the blog I am going to tell the stories behind the boats ...

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