Challenging anchorages revisited

5 Jun

Miles and years slide by, but the feel of an anchorage sticks with you. Name a bay, and memories flood back: the quality of the holding. The way the swell could wrap around one end. The dogleg track to avoid a shoal. Returning to old haunts, the filter of experience casts a new light. Two recent stops illustrate how anchoring, one of the more stressful routine aspects of cruising, changes over time.

Isla Isabel’s roadstead

Rising from a hazy marine layer, from a distance this island resembled the craggy rock of our memory: a place that might be called barren ...

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Update on the SuperYacht My Song

4 Jun
Update on the SuperYacht My Song.  The yacht which fell off a cargo ship last week has been salvaged although as these pics show I am not sure what they can do with the boat.  Good thing is that it was not left out on the ocean as trash.  There is enough other stuff foaling around out there. Wishing the owners (and the insurance company) the best of luck bringing this beautiful yacht back to life again.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog. I invite you to subscribe so that you will not miss a blog post. You will ...
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Lowell North Sails on to Fiddlers Green

3 Jun


A sailing icon has died. Lowell North, founder of North Sails, passed away peacefully  last night and will be remembered as one of the greatest sailors ever, not only because of the company that bears his name, but also in his own right collecting victories out on the water. Lowell was an incredibly talented and accomplished sailor. In 1945, at the age of 16, he won the ...
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Fusion Apollo and Signature Series, a boatload of audio goodness

3 Jun

The cockpit Fusion MS-RA770 head unit running in PartyBus mode (as indicated by the green border) from FlyBridge stereo

A day on the water is better with good tunes, and the rise of streaming has changed how we get music on board a lot.  For the last decade, Fusion has lead the way with stereos that use the latest technology to deliver audio on boats.  I’ve just finished a complete install of the company’s current gear aboard Have Another Day and as you will read, Fusion continues to leverage the latest tech and deliver great sound.

Fusion has been busy ...

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Halifax Arrival

2 Jun

May 31 2019/Day: 237

Noon Position: 44 26N  63 28W

Miles since departure: 31,244

Avg. Miles/Day: 132


Halifax has been achieved. Mo and I are docked at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron facilities after 227 days at sea and some 31,000 continuous, non-stop miles.


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Why Halifax?

1 Jun

May 30, 2019/Day 237

Noon Position: 42 50N  63 19W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NNW 5

Wind(t/tws): NNE 10

Miles since departure: 31,224

Avg. Miles/Day: 132


Overnight our west winds slowly veered into the north and more, pushing us due east and way off course. I came on deck at 3am to assess–should we tack around?–and found that the sea appeared to be boiling with fog. Fog came off the watertop in billows, and in the glow of running lights, cast an eery spell over the night. I couldn’t see more than one boat length.

Icebergs to windward, an immediate thought, though ...

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Split Sail, Small Gale

31 May

May 29, 2019/Day 236

Noon Position: 41 14N  63 17W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): N 6 – 7

Wind(t/tws): S 20 – 30

Miles since departure: 31,128

Avg. Miles/Day: 132


Wind still boxing the compass over a 24-hour period. Slow way through the water overnight, but we continued fast on a fast current setting to the N.

I came on deck at 2am to tack and noticed a strange shadow cast by my headlamp onto the #2 genoa. On closer inspection, the shadow resolved into a long tear in the sail from the protective cover at the foot all the way through ...

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SuperYacht My Song falls off ship

31 May

I am sure that you have already read this story. It has been all over the Internet and even made CNN. It’s the story about the 130-foot SuperYacht My Song that fell off a container ship while being delivered from the Caribbean to Italy. It’s a big story mainly because the yacht has a $40 million price tag and also, just co-incidentally, who loses a SuperYacht overboard? Well here ...
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Unsettled Weather and Monte Reconstruction Begins

30 May

May 28, 2019/Day 235

Noon Position: 39 17N  61 32W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): WNW 5.5

Miles since departure: 30,968

Avg. Miles/Day: 132


Tacked at sunset and again at dawn. Wind came out of the NNW early but has now swung into the NNE and will swing all the way around overnight, just like last night and tomorrow night. We’re crossing traffic–i.e. the latitudes at which lows depart the NE coast and head out to sea. Today’s low was barely noticeable. Tomorrow’s will be strong.

Once bitten twice shy. This coming low is nothing compared to the last, but still, I’m trying ...

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