19 Jul

July 17, 2019

Day 245

Noon Position: 52 36N  51 36W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NxE 6.5

Wind(t/tws): SE 10

Sea(t/ft): Various to 2

Sky/10ths Cover: Fog/10. Visibility 300 feet.

Bar(mb): 1013, steady

On-deck Temp(f): 69 (49 at 6am)

Cabin Temp(f): 63

Water Temp(f): 45

Relative Humidity(%): 55

Magnetic Variation: -19.6

Sail: Motoring. Working jib and main at full.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 129

Miles since departure: 32,129

Leg Newfoundland to Nuuk

Day: 2

Miles: 310

Fog sometimes clears to a mile, but usually it stays low and heavy, a few boat lengths to a few hundred feet being typical.

For ...

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Visible Part 2: Hands-on testing Verizon’s $40 per month unlimited brand

19 Jul

In 8 days I ran up 50+ gigabytes of usage with no problems

A couple of weeks ago Visible announced they have removed the 5 megabits per second speed cap making their $40 unlimited plan even more interesting. In my entry on the change I promised I would order a line and see how it worked out. The SIM has arrived and testing is well underway and although it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses I’m going to try using Visible as my main cell carrier (though I have an embarrassing number of alternatives).

Using the service

Visible is quick ...

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18 Jul

July 16, 2019/Day 244

Noon Position: 50 28N 52 06W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NNE 5

Miles since departure: 32,000

Leg Newfoundland to Nuuk/Days: 2


Gray on gray. The fog came in hard at the Baccalieu Tickle yesterday. Within the hour it was raining. Since then it’s been variations on same with a kind of wet chill that is reminiscent of the Southern Ocean.

When I woke, the on deck thermometer read 50 degrees; water temperature, 47. The first layer of thin thermals went on after coffee, the thin layer because, well, this is just the beginning.

We make good time on ...

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#270: Ben Shaw & Lauren Keane // ICEBEAR Crew & Living the Dream

17 Jul

Ben & Lauren 270 Art.jpg

#270. Ben Shaw & Lauren Keane were recent crewmembers on ICEBEAR for the Annapolis to Lunenburg passage. Mia & I first met Ben’s parents, Sid & Rebecca, in 2011 in St. Pierre, as we were getting ready to sail ARCTURUS trans-Atlantic. Inspired by us, and with a career in radio production Ben recently started the ‘Out the Gate’ sailing podcast. I talked to him and Lauren about their goals to take their kids long-distance cruising and how they’re making that dream into reality.

Show Notes:







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The Baccalieu Tickle

16 Jul

July 15, 2019

Day 243

Noon Position: 47 54N 52 51W (approaching the Baccalieu Tickle)

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NNE 6.5

Wind(t/tws): WxS 6

Sea(t/ft): NNE 3 and various

Sky/10ths Cover: High fog then low fog/10

Bar(mb): 1013, rising slowly

Cabin Temp(f): 66

Water Temp(f): 60

Relative Humidity(%): 60

Sail: #2 and main, full; motor sailing until 1400; then sailing.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 7:30am departure to noon = 24nm

Miles since departure:  31,843

Leg Newfoundland to Nuuk

Days: 0

Miles: 24

Mo and I departed the Long Pond breakwater at 0730 under power and on a flat calm. Out in the ...

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Doppler radome testing tease: they’re all good

15 Jul


The picture tells much of the story (and you can click/zoom it much larger for the details). In rain and fog, the three 7-inch Garmin, Simrad, and Raymarine multifunction displays are each showing their respective solid-state Doppler-assisted radomes capturing well the complexity of Rockland Harbor moored vessels and shoreline while also automatically highlighting in red the most significant moving object, an incoming Maine state ferry also shown by AIS.

And I can assure you that the Furuno NXT radome that I was monitoring on a nearby iPad was doing just as good a job, arguably better. Yes, it’s taken ...

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Departing for Nuuk

15 Jul

Yesterday, north wind with rain. Then north wind with fog. Then just north wind. As our goal is north, Mo and I sat out the day here at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club twiddling our thumbs. Mo is ready, dressed for departure, impatient, as am I.

Today, a clear sky at dawn, directly overhead at least. I switch on the engine after this post. We’ll be underway before the seagulls finish breakfast.

Nuuk is a thousand miles poleward and across Davis Strait. Figure ten days. We’re behind schedule now and will look to make quick work of the Greenland coast. ...

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Tablet Navigation on the ICW

14 Jul


July 12, 2019

There has been a sea change in small craft navigation over the past few years. Today boats circumnavigating the globe with a tablet as their chartplotter. For those of us cruising the ICW the changes are no less revolutionary!   The impact of tablet navigation apps will affect cruisers differently based upon their experience, their existing navigation tools, and the cruising grounds.

Most ICW cruisers have an installed chartplotter.   Tablet navigation allows you to scan the area ahead and around you looking for new options and destinations, while the chartplotter continues ...

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Northwest Passage Gear

13 Jul

One last repost as Mo and I ready to depart Newfoundland tomorrow, this a summary of the clothing strategy I employed for the Arctic in 2014.

Having completed that passage and a few other cold ones besides, I’d say that the clothing inventory was suitable for the environment of interest, with some amplifications.

  1. Layers, yes. Often I wore two or three base layers and two vests below, then fleece and then down, all below foulies. One is not moving much, so retaining the heat of a body at rest is one’s primary focus.
  2. Insulated boots are warmer with fewer
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Meeting with a Marine Insultant

12 Jul

Halifax was unable to solve all my problems. I found there neither a spare alternator nor a spare starter motor, and the engine fuel line hose I wanted could not be got locally nor, in a timely manner, from the manufacturer.

The first two issues have since been sorted, but what to do about Mo’s old, rubber fuel lines and their specialty fittings plagued me until yesterday, when I met Jerry.

At the time I was canvassing the yard for a local shop that could fill my order. Jerry was my third interviewee. He stood by the travel lift ...

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