TANDEM ANCHOR SYSTEM: An Anchor Within An Anchor

29 Nov

Tandem Anchor illo

This new anchoring system, developed by Peter Weber in Slovenia, was formally introduced at the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) extravaganza in Amsterdam this month, where it was nominated for a DAME Award, and was also on our shortlist at SAIL when we put our heads together this week to pick winners for the 2013 Freeman K. Pittman Innovation Awards. It is a fascinating concept. The drawing up top gives a clear idea of the basic principle: a pair of anchors that can be deployed together on a single chain rode, designed so that one can nest inside the ...

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HMS BOUNTY: Lost in Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

HMS Bounty

A replica of the good ship Bounty, of Mutinous Fame, has sunk off the Carolina coast south of Cape Hatteras this morning and two of the 16 (or 17???) crew members are reported missing. The vessel, under the command of Robin Walbridge, departed New London, Connecticut, on Thursday, bound for Florida. Evidently, the plan was to sneak past Hurricane Sandy and get west of the storm before it got too far north.

On Saturday, while the vessel was underway, someone in the Bounty organization posted this photo of the ship sailing in heavy weather in 2010 to the ship’s Facebook ...

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Running across the Atlantic

15 Oct

This one has been a long time coming. For a while now I've thought about putting down in words another of my passions, beyond just the sailing thing. Since high school I've been more and more into endurance sports. I got really into endurance sports the first year I lived full-time in Annapolis, racing in three triathlons and a couple amateur cycling races over the course of one summer, and doing quite well in them. I lived in an apartment at the time, kept my road bike in the living room and went out often before work (I was crew ...

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REMEMBERING BILL KING: Hot Damage Control Tips From a Dead Golden Globe Sailor

25 Sep

Bill King on Galway Blazer II

I WAS AMAZED TO LEARN that Bill King, one of the nine sailors who in 1968 joined in the famous Golden Globe Race, the very first singlehanded non-stop race around the world, died late last week. I had assumed he must have died many years ago, but no… he’s been alive and kicking all this while, working his organic farm at Oranmore Castle in County Galway in Ireland. In the end he made it all the way to 102 years before finally passing on to whatever comes next last Friday.

For a man who thought himself timid ...

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The Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 2

22 Sep

Click here for Part 1

I had originally planned to post this immediately following the 'Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 1,' which I published on April 29 on My mom died April 30. So there.

So, what happened to the Farr? the Vagabond? my mom and dad's Sojourner?

I called my dad in Delware City when it was apparent that the new prop we ordered for the Farr would be several days in the mail before it got to us. There was no point in Mia and I wasting our time – and the owner's money to ...

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The Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 1

22 Sep

A couple of months back, Mia and I had a boon of sorts with the boat delivery gig. Two promising phone calls in a row had us set up to for a delivery of a Vagabond 47 from Annapolis to Albany, NY, up the Hudson river, and another on a Farr 395 from Annapolis to Maine. The Vagabond was a week or two in the making until we sorted out an arrangement with the owner. The Farr, on the other hand, was last-minute, a phone call taken in the parking lot of the farmer's market in Pennsylvania. Mia was inside ...

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Lessons from two (very different) Atlantic crossings…

21 Sep

Okay, quick intro. First, happy to be on SAILfeed! Mia and I are writing from Las Palmas, after just arriving this morning. We delivered the Saga 43, Kinship, down from Lagos, Portugal, the same boat we earlier sailed across the Atlantic with ARC Europe. I (Andy) initially wrote this article for my own website ( a while back, and am re-printing it here, as I think it's fairly relevant. The two Atlantic crossings reference this recent trip on the Saga (BVI-Bermuda-Azores-Portugal), and our own crossing in 2011 on Arcturus (Annapolis-Nova Scotia-St. Pierre and on to Ireland). We completed ...

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How to Fix a Broken Boom While Cruising

20 Sep

Back at home most people would just pop into Beds, Booms, and Beyond to pick up a new boom, but in the hinterlands we fix things, because we don’t have a choice. Not only do we save ourselves a little money, but we reduce the growing problem of broken sailboat booms overflowing the nation’s landfills. Here’s how:

First, we break a boom. This was due to pure laziness: using a vang when I should have used a proper preventer. Idiot!

Imagen 005 1

Note the boom, now disentangled from the main sail, lying on the side deck. The inboard stub is still attached

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MOTORSAILING: Making the Most of Your Iron Genny

29 Aug

Dowlings fuel dock

THIS IS A COMMON SIGHT at Dowling’s fuel dock in St. Georges, Bermuda, both in the spring and the fall when the seasonal stampede of migrating yachts passes through. It never fails to amaze me how many jerry jugs of fuel some bluewater sailors are willing to carry. In this particular case I counted 16 jugs open on the quay waiting to be filled and another four on deck. At five gallons a pop that’s an extra 100 gallons of fuel this crew will somehow lash down on the deck of their 40-foot sailboat. At 7.3 pounds per gallon (the ...

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MAN OVERBOARD RECOVERY: Testing the Sea Scoopa

24 Aug

Sea Scoopa

YOU MAY RECALL we ran some SAIL magazine MOB drills aboard Lunacy back in early June. Hopefully you also read the article that ran in the comic in the August issue (which, of course, came out in July) and have viewed the video posted on the SAIL website, narrated by yours truly. Since then I’ve been in touch several times with Robert Wright, inventor of the Sea Scoopa, one of the MOB recovery products we tested. In light of the comments he has made, I thought it wise to expand my evaluation of the Scoopa here on the ...

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