AC-n-SF, Game Over or Game On?

10 Jun

By Kimball Livingston Posted June 10, 20145

San Diego-based Bernie Wilson is reporting for the Associated Press that San Francisco Bay is out of the running as a venue for the 2017 America’s Cup match, so you have to believe that, just maybe, San Francisco Bay is out of the running as a venue for the 2017 America’s Cup match. Or, this could be the final-final point of leverage. It’s not as though there haven’t been talks, very recently, at City Hall. And it’s not as though anybody thinks there is a better place to run the races.

But, as ...

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OPEN 60 REFIT: Great American IV Ready to Sail

9 Jun

Brian Harris on GA4

While dropping in occasionally at Maine Yacht Center over the winter to keep tabs on my own boat, I always had half an eyeball on Rich Wilson’s new IMOCA Open 60, Great American IV (ex-Mirabaud), which was undergoing a refit for Wilson’s 2016 Vendee Globe bid. Recently, MYC general manager Brian Harris (see photo up top) gave me a nickel tour and told me about all the work they’d done.

I gather, as big race-boat refits go, this was a relatively modest one. Here’s the run-down:

Complete electrical refit, including all power storage and generating ...

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US Volvo Entry Expected Monday in Newport, RI

8 Jun

WHAT: Team Alvimedica, the American entry in the Volvo Ocean Race, is expected to arrive to Newport, RI Monday, June 9 in the late afternoon/early evening following a challenging 3,000 mile transatlantic training leg.

WHO: Skipper Charlie Enright of Bristol RI, 29, and crew member Mark Towill, 25, Kaneohe, HI. Other Rhode Islanders on board include Nick Dana of Newport, Jesse Fielding of North Kingstown, and photographer/videogeapher Amory Ross of Newport.

Families of the Team and many local supporters of the Team will be at the dock to greet the crew who are about to complete their first transatlantic training ...

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The “Match” is Back

4 Jun

By Kimball Livingston Posted June 4, 2014

It’s far from the most important feature of the newly-released Protocol for America’s Cup 35, but it just jumps out. The word, match.

After a long, belabored attempt to get people to speak of the 2013 match as the “America’s Cup Finals,” this time out, the powers that be have let the verbiage slip back to tradition. As in what it is, a match. A match between two boats following whatever runup, trials, eliminations are required to get there. And no, barring an intergalactic spasm, there will be no Louis Vuitton Cup awarded ...

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Dongfeng’s Volvo 60 goes Transatlantic

30 May

From our friends at the Volvo Ocean Race—

Newport, USA – From Rhode Island to Lorient, France, for the Chinese Sailors onboard Dongfeng this will be their biggest offshore test to date and will bring skipper Charles Caudrelier one step closer to choosing his final race crew for the Volvo Ocean Race.

After weeks of preparation and training the team finally left the dock at Newport Shipyard today at 3pm local time. The air was filled with apprehension and anticipation at what lays ahead and the final hurdle for these novice Chinese offshore sailors.

In only five months Jin Hao ...

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The Clipper Race: A Mobile Village

28 May
The elated crew of Derry~Londonderry~Doire finishes second in Race 7 of the Clipper Race in Brisbane, Australia

The elated crew of Derry~Londonderry~Doire finishes second in Race 7 of the Clipper Race in Brisbane, Australia

By Kimball Livingston Posted May 28, 2014

The Clipper Round the World Race has 55 “back office” people to manage every aspect of getting 12 boats and 260 sailors at a time around the world. And it keeps all 55 busy. There is a race office team of 4, with 5 maintenance specialists waiting at every stop. Two containers leapfrog each other, stop to stop. Communications are managed 24 X 7. Customs needs are researched and anticipated, and the word for that is ...

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Pendennis Cup Sailing – Kelpie Racing

28 May
Kelpie of Falmouth ready to race. Photo by Charlie Wroe

Kelpie of Falmouth ready to race. Photo by Charlie Wroe

Kelpie of Falmouth received special attention in these pages, as we chronicled her post-WWII delivery from the East Coast to the West Coast of the Americas—a journey managed by the father and uncle of well-known navigator, software engineer, and past US Yachtsman of the Year Stan Honey. Once famed as a California boat, she is now sailing the first regatta of her new life at the Pendennis Cup. The restoration was heroic. And on time. You can read the genesis of the Honey brothers’ story HERE with the Kelpie-focused portion ...

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Circumnavigating Everest

27 May

A conversation with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, lightly edited for the read
Posted by Kimball Livingston on May 27, 2014
. Above, the Clipper fleet leaving for N.Y. from Jamaica

His next solo race, the Route du Rhum, being months away and his ambitious business undertaking, the Clipper Round the World Race being very much of the moment—the fleet is now closing on New York and the end of race 13, from Jamaica—I took my sit-down with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston as an opportunity to ask a question that has bugged me for years. The Clipper Race being, in its ninth running, ...

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Onboard the J Class Hanuman

19 May

May 19, 2014

Kenny Read gets some good rides. This time he’s on JK6, Jim Clark’s J-Class sloop, Hanuman, a modern replica of Endeavour II. In 1937, T.O.M. Sopwith brought Endeavour II from England, hoping for the same speed advantage he had enjoyed—and wasted—with Endeavour in 1934. Mike Vanderbilt was waiting for him with Ranger, an all-time great, and that was the end of that.

The way the J Class has organized itself, you’re allowed to build from a design that was never constructed, or to replicate a boat since lost. The original Endeavour II was scrapped in ...

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BLUE PLANET TIMES 2014-05-15 13:51:15

15 May

In 2006, your editor sailed Newport-Bermuda, the centennial edition, with Joe Harris and crew in an Open 50 that Harris hoped to race solo around the world. That hope never panned out, despite some successes in open ocean events. Now Harris has a Class 40, Gryphon Solo2, which he is working up for the Global Ocean Race, a four-leg circumnavigation that starts in September, Southamptoon to Auckland. The GOR has solo and doublehanded divisions. Harris will go solo. He’s been wanting it for a long time. For the Atlantic Cup, he teamed with Patrick O’Conner to win leg one, ...

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