Laser Regattus Interruptus

23 Feb

"Hey, who shut the wind off?" (Click image for full size)

Backstory from Crowley Maritime Facebook page:

John Caputo, one of our customers in San Juan, Puerto Rico sent us this great photo. He said: "Not your average every day duck crossing. Our little sailors had to pause while this Crowley barge had to pass in the channel during the San Juan regatta."

Here's another great one, taken in the Baltic Sea:

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Stan The Man

23 Feb

If you want a navigator to get you across oceans FAST (and usually faster than anyone else), there is no one better than Stan Honey. Besides being a very nice guy, Honey brings a mastery of electronics, weather, and sailing to his work, and as a result he gets plenty of invitations to go sailing.

He's won the Transpac, he's won the Volvo Ocean Race, and in 2010 he helped Groupama 3 to a new Jules Verne circumnavigation record (recently broken by Banque Populaire).

If you want to know how he did it, and how the extreme speed ...

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21 Feb

I've seen skiffs that are more out of the water than in. But I have never seen a skiff that is literally and almost completely airborne–with just a few square centimeters (if that) remaining in contact with the water. Looks like quite a ride. (via)


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Volvo Ocean Race Having Fun (Not) At Sea Again

21 Feb

Here's what you need to know.

1) They had another weird start/restart arrangement that was head-scratching and not really worth understanding. The important thing is that PUMA got snakebit (again), and are struggling to stay in contact.

2) The whole fleet is getting their asses kicked (again) by the pleasures of sailing to windward in the pumping monsoon, confused seas, and devilish currents of the South China Sea.

3) Camper is the only team that is managing to challenge Telefonica's superiority, and keep this thing at all alive as a competition.

4) Real downwind, Volvo-style ocean racing will (finally!) ...

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The Art Of Sailboat Video: Keith Brash

17 Feb

Maybe you think a sailboat video is a cinch to make? Well, it is, I guess. Water, boat, camera, done. Fourteen views on YouTube. Nice job.

But making a good one, like anything else, takes something called talent. And in the world of high-end sailboat racing, there are few better at capturing the action, mood, and excitement than Keith Brash.

I was reminded of that when I saw this recent update on Artemis.

But to see all the different aproaches he takes, take a quick tour of his work for Quantum TV

You'll see vids like this:

And this:...

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How NOT To Finish A Race

14 Feb

We've all done it. The finish whistle welcomes you across the line, your race is over, so you ease sheets, crack the cooler, and head toward the barn. And sometimes you suddenly realize you are interfering with boats that are still racing.

In the best case you are just disturbing their air, and you get out of the way quickly, with an apology. In the worst case you get….this.

Here's a summary of what happened (and a long version of the video is here):


The finish line was skewed by somewhere around 10-15 degrees. You can see the

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Latest Glam Circuit? RC44

13 Feb

Top-end professional sailing never seems to settle into a stable hierarchy. Instead, circuits wax and wane, while the professional sailors just float from one circuit to the next, following the money and energy. No circuit ever seems to truly crack the code.

The America's Cup will always attract top talent because it pays top, which is to say ridiculous, dollars. But it's hard to argue that with skyrocketing costs, uncertainty over the venue, and just three paid-up challengers the AC is thriving. 

MedCup was looking good for a while, but the AC, the economy, and the high cost of campaigning ...

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Completely Insane Racing

9 Feb

Created by a completely insane racecourse, which crams a large fleet into a narrow body of water that is mined with moorings. Talk about a voice-hoarsening, rule-intensive, clusterfu*ck.

I would need more than a few pints to recover from the stress of racing like this.



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Superyachts Are FINE

9 Feb

It's not very hard to make superyacht racing look glamorous, or make anyone who doesn't happen to own a superyacht fantasize for a few minutes.

But this video does a pretty spectacular job of doing both.


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Passing Lane

8 Feb

You are on a boat, going along very nicely, looking good and feeling pretty chuffed. And then…

I believe this is what the kids refer to as "pwned".


(h/t D. Smith)...

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