Things Go Bump

18 Oct

Yann Riou/Dongfeng Racing

Posted October 15 by KL

During lunch just yesterday there was talk of collisions at sea between fast boats and the increasing mass of junk floating around in the ocean.

I don’t have numbers on this, but it’s my strong perception that, every transpac, there are more people arriving in the islands talking about hitting things, having to back down to clear debris, etc. This comes up because the Volvo Race story of the day goes —

ALICANTE, Spain, Oct 18 – Dongfeng Race Team lost the lead in the Volvo Ocean Race early on Saturday after the boat hit ...

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So It’s, Like, Mid-October

18 Oct

By Kimball Livingston Posted October 17, 2014

And in case you didn’t know, come mid-October, all bets are off for breeze on San Francisco Bay.

And it’s not only “like.” It really is mid-October.

The seabreeze season has come and gone.

The Farr 40s have come, and they’re not gone yet.

One more day of racing remains for the 17th Farr 40 World Championship title, and Saturday promises to be better than Friday.

Friday was a long un-day of un-racing.

Even the pinnipeds were unimpressed, almost as unimpressed as if they had just heard the news that we’re probably still ...

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Jump Seat for Young Hearts

13 Oct

By Jane Eagleson, Team Alvimedica Photo by Robin Christol

Alicante, Spain, October 13, 2014
When Dr. Cem Bozkurt jumped overboard off the back of Team Alvimedica´s Volvo Ocean 65, it wasn’t just for the thrill of it. It was to jump start a new initiative to raise funds for charities devoted to children’s cardiac health.

An hour after the start of the Volvo Ocean Race last Saturday afternoon, Bozkurt launched from the ‘Jump Seat’ on Team Alvimedica as he waved goodbye to skipper Charlie Enright and his crew on their race to Cape Town.

“It was great fun, a thrill ...

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South America Dominates Sunfish Youths

13 Oct

A report from the Sunfish Class in advance of the open World Championship

ARAPAHOE, NC – Holding a slim two point lead going into the final race of the nine race series, David Gonzalez Arria of Venezuela stayed ahead of his closest competitor and finished third in the race to win the series. Alonso Collantes of Peru was seventh in the final race to finish second overall. Finishing strong in the last two days of racing and rounding out the top three was Daniela Rodriguez of Ecuador. John Birkett also representing Ecuador was fourth and Chase Carraway of the United ...

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Speaking French in San Diego

9 Oct


The word from the Coronado Strand:

SAN DIEGO – His fellow competitors can’t stop talking about the high tides, large surf and light winds, but back on the beach Julien Kerneur was all smiles. The French native finished first in each of the three races on the third day of the 2014 Kiteboard North American Championships. “I’m good in the light wind,” Kerneur said. Unlike many of the fellow competitors used to racing in winds of at least 12 kts, Kerneur says he is very comfortable with the lighter breezes that have been present throughout the competition. “I practice in ...

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Kite NA’s & Welcome to the Game, SDYC

8 Oct



It’s all happening in front of the Hotel Del. And remember, “Nobody’s perfect.”

That’s a set piece, son. Billy Wilder would have been happy to explain.


SAN DIEGO – Consistent breezes allowed for the completion of seven races on the second day of the 2014 Kiteboard North American Championships. With winds averaging about eight to nine kts, the Kiteboard class was finally able to get out on the water and onto the race course. During the day, the Kiteboard class finished a total of four races, while the Kitefoil class completed three more races ...

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The Volvo Race Adds Cool

8 Oct

By my definition, given the challenges to the ocean and its creatures, this is cool—

Volvo Ocean Race’s new official game has not even started yet but 28,000 players of it have already chalked up a big win by raising more than €15,000 to help a creature close to every sailor’s heart, the albatross.

The organisers, Virtual Regatta, launched a five-day, dry-run Leg 0 game last month to whet the appetites of players around the world for the game proper, which kicks off on Saturday with the first leg from Alicante to Cape Town.

More than 28,000 players took part ...

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US Match Racing Championship to Nate Hollerbach

6 Oct

Story and photos by Kimball Livingston Posted October 5, 2014

Taking a deep breath after winning his second US Match Racing Championship, Nathan Hollerbach allowed, “Going five races deep against Dave Dellenbaugh in the Final was stressful, I won’t kid you. This was the most competitive match racing I’ve ever had.”

With courses set along the San Francisco cityfront, under the windows of host St. Francis Yacht Club, the windward-leeward legs were either with or against currents that topped two knots in all three days of racing. Ebb currents were especially taxing because weather mark roundings compressed the distance between ...

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What’s Up Hydroptere?

5 Oct

No announcements, teasers only, but Alain Thébault has secured financing from Finesse Solutios, a bio-tech company for an attempt at “another nautical record.”

Thébault’s hydrofoiler, Hydroptere, has been on the hard in Long Beach, California since 2013 and an abandoned plan to take a shot that year at a California-Hawaii record.

Details soon?

Hydroptere caused quite a stir during a visit to San Francisco Bay . . .

L’Hydroptère DCNS, Alain Thébault and his crew sailing in San Francisco....

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American Entry Takes Volvo Opener

4 Oct

The word from our friends at Alvimedica&#151:

Team Alvimedica has taken first blood in the Volvo Ocean Race, after winning today’s In-Port Race in Alicante.

Charlie Enright and his crew made a good but unspectacular start that placed them in the top half of the seven-boat fleet while a daring port-tack start by Dongfeng Race Team rewarded the Chinese with an early lead.

Enright was happier to take a more conservative approach. “Try to stay out of trouble, that was the aim. We didn’t have the greatest start but we wanted to give ourselves options. The pin end was really ...

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