Don Street Stories: It’s a miracle he ever got published!

23 Apr

The Don Street article started at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in 2011. I met SAIL’s editor, Peter Nielsen, at a World Cruising Club party. We started discussing Don Street. I was adamant that despite his age, he was still relevant to my younger generation of ‘real’ sailors. He sometimes talked in ancient terms, referencing long-ago obsolete technology. But the substance was still at the core. Street speaks in sailing Truths – it’s just a matter of wading through the history to uncover them.

I started writing this piece the following February. Street himself was cooperative, sending me pages and pages ...

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Don Street Stories: A strange cup of coffee in Glandore

22 Apr

I was very excited to see my newest article, “Don Street is not Dead” out in the May 2014 issue of SAIL Magazine, which just got delivered yesterday with the mail. Normally writers cringe when their editors get a hold of their work, but I was very pleased with the work that Peter, Charlie and Meredith did on this piece, which was over a year in the making. The left my ‘voice’ intact.

That said, we had to cut a lot! The published piece is something like 1,500-2,000 words. My first draft, on the other hand, was over 5,000! ...

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Matt Rutherford’s 7,000-mile Pacific Voyage set to depart California

16 Apr

This is a bonus episode of the 59º North sailing podcast, plus a press release from Matt and Nicole and the team at the Ocean Research Project. Thanks to Weems & Plath for sponsoring this episode of the podcast! Welcome onboard!

Matt Rutherford joins the show with Andy once again to discuss his imminent departure for Japan and the whirlwind of a time he’s had in California for the past fortnight getting the boat ready. Matt and Nicole Trenholm arrived at the WD Schock facility on April 1 to find their loaner boat, hull #1 of the new ...

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Arctic Sailing with Erik de Jong on ‘Bagheera’

15 Apr

Erik on 'Bagheera'

This is a difficult one to post, because Erik first asked Mia and I to sail with him, south from Baffin Island to Halifax in September. Alas, we’ll be in Sweden (sailing on our own boat), but what an experience this could be! All the photos here are courtesy of Erik de Jong.

Anyway, I’ve been talking with Erik a lot, and he’s got several bunks available for his summer cruise to Greenland starting May 18. (By the way, Erik was on the podcast a few episodes back – listen here for more info on him and what he ...

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Proud Ye ye

14 Apr

two beautiful boys.jpgMy two beautiful boys.

“Ye ye”is mandarin for grandpa and yes I am obviously a very proud grandpa. I’m “Grampy”.
This weekend I got even more proud with the arrival of my first grandson, Drake Shaw Perry, 8lbs. 5 oz, a strapping young fellow. Looks just like me. Basically.

I never knew a grandpa. My maternal grandfather, Angelo Dante Guiseppi Nanelli died  at 42 well before I was born. My father’s dad, Howard Elmer Perry, I didn’t meet until we moved here from Australia. I was 12 years old and “Grampy” was a handsome old vegetable in a chair. ...

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59º North Podcast: Nicole Trenholm, Ocean Research Project

14 Apr

Andy chatted with Nicole Trenholm last week just before she and Matt Rutherford departed for California, the Strictly Sail Oakland boat show, and their voyage across the Pacific to Japan. Nicole talked a lot about her life before the Ocean Research Project, how she got into sailing, what it was like working on a tall ship and later as a scientist for NOAA, and finally, how she met Matt and got involved with the ORP. She wasn’t much of a sailor before she moved to the Chesapeake area, but certainly has the chops now – she’s done 6,000+ miles ...

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Bob Billingham Celebration of Life

11 Apr

Posted April 11, 2014


Bob Billingham had one life, but he touched so many.

The accomplishments are one thing—Olympic medalist, trimmer on the 1992 America’s Cup winner, five-times a world champion in Solings, Etchells, J/24s and Maxis, facilities manager for America’s Cup 34, commentator for the racing—but those are things that can be represented by trophies on a shelf, or medals in a case. They don’t begin to tell you how much Bob gave of his wisdom and generous heart, every step of the way. Even as each step grew harder and harder.

On the tenth of May, at the ...

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The New Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre

9 Apr

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) has announced a prestigious new collaboration with the ‘Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation’ (ASSF). The ASSF founded by the Academy’s Director, Sir Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy OBE and Andrew’s wife Leah to honour his life and legacy, will be opening the ‘Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre’ at the same venue where Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson competed during the Olympic Games.

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, based in Andrew’s home county of Dorset, will act as a hub for all of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation’s activities, helping the Foundation fulfil its charitable objectives. ...

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Today is Violet’s birthday!

9 Apr

Happy birthday to my darling granddaughter Violet. Grampy loves you even with a dirty face. I love this photo.
Violet w dirty face.jpgOf course the joy of having Violet is complicated because of the loss of Spike. Some people say I am “lucky”. I have given this a lot of thought and I agree. I am lucky. How can I look at Violet and not consider myself lucky? But not far behind the joy of Violet is the grief of Spike.

Spike smile.jpgI often think how much I am amazed at my ability to deal with what life has thrown at me. But I ...

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