The SLIVER Project

9 Jan
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There is probably no greater compliment a yacht designer can receive than being asked to design a new yacht for a friend.

When I was a kid I loved to walk the docks down at the Shilshole Bay Marina. This was back in the day before they began putting locks on the gates. I would take a sketch pad with me and stop and sketch various design details that appealed to me. I think I was 15 years old at the time, before I had a driver’s license but I’d get from Mercer Island to Ballard mostly on foot. ...

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A Very Calder Christmas

26 Dec
Esteemed author and boat-systems guru Nigel Calder 
mucks out my bilges. On Christmas Eve.

Happy holidays everyone! I haven’t managed a post in few days because I’ve been very busy with my family. My mom and dad are down here in New Orleans for two weeks and we’ve been spending the holidays in true Calder style, which is to say hard at work. We did manage to spend Christmas day at my Grandmother’s but still got in an overhaul of the boat’s head (toilet) which we hauled out to her house in the trunk of a rental car!

And ...

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Jessica Watson Sails Again

25 Dec

You just can't keep her ashore (or separate her from a slick, high-profile, marketing strategy). Already the youngest ever to circumnvigate the globe solo and non-stop, Jessica Watson, now 18 and eligible for the Sydney-Hobart Race, has put together the youngest-ever crew (average age 19) in a sponsored Sydney 38  called "Ella Bache' Another Challenge."

The early weather report looks a lot more forgiving than the brutal 1998 year, which sank five yachts and killed six sailors. But it won't be a milk run. After an initial northerly serves up an easy downwind run, the ...

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Margaret: An Unusual Launch

20 Dec
Preparing Margaret for (re)launching

Welcome to SailFeed! The website launched today but as you can see most of us blogging here have already been going at it for a bit. My blog is one of the newest so if you’re interested it won’t take long to peruse my previous posts and catch up. At the moment it’s a bit technical as we’ve been chronicling progress on the refit of my Cape Dory 28 but in the spirit of SailFeed’s first day I thought we could lighten things up a bit with a launch story of my own.

Meet Margaret:
Margaret ...
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William Faulkner, Sailor Man

19 Dec

© Floating around the net

Being on a Southern sojourn, I counted it high time to renew acquaintance with my friends Eudora Welty, Robert Penn Warren, William Faulkner

And so it came about that in a five-pounder of an anthology I found a piece by Faulkner that was new to me, an autobiography of sorts in 19 pages posing as an investigation of swamps and Snopses and small towns called cities and tiny black women of fortitude and loyalty who lived and died surrounded by admiration and slow tragedy: out of that welter emerged a few nuggets of the 1949 ...

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Vestas SailRocket: Foiled Again

14 Dec

A bad day for Paul Larsen and his intrepid speedsters. Their latest speed sailing session is over and they were plagued by the strange behavaior of every speed foil they plugged into their otherworldly craft. Here's a summary of the final day action (full report here):

We did 5 runs today. 3 slow, 1 grounding and 1 moderately fast run. I'm not happy. I can't believe we didn't even achieve a 50 knot average throughout this record attempt. I really can't believe it. Well it wasn't for lack of trying… or pushing.

I'll summarise the whole session in

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