THOMAS TANGVALD: In His Father’s Wake

12 Apr

Thomas Tangvald on Oasis

HERE’S A HOT STORY from the Where Are They Now Department that blew my mind a bit while I was cruising around in the Spanish Virgins last week. Spotted a feature in All At Sea, a local Caribbean sailing comic, by a young blonde rasta-looking dude about sailing 2,000 miles to windward from Vieques to Brazil in a converted wooden fishing smack with a pregnant wife and young son. Byline: Thomas Tangvald.

Yes, THAT Thomas Tangvald. Last known whereabouts (in my own mind, at least) was a reef on the east coast of Bonaire in 1991, where, at age ...

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MAIDENTRIP: Interpreting Laura Dekker

26 Mar

Laura Dekker

Over the weekend I had a chance to watch Maidentrip, the new documentary film about Laura Dekker, after Jillian Schlesinger e-mailed me a private Vimeo link on Saturday. This is Schlesinger's directorial debut–her "maidenfilm," if you will–and whatever Laura might think of it, I thought it was pretty damn good.

Coincidentally, Lyall Mercer, who did a stint as Laura's agent and publicist, got in touch after he read my post on how Laura has disowned the film, and we had a long conversation on Friday. Our discussion was a trenchant reminder of what Schlesinger's film might have been, ...

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John & Amanda Neal of Mahina Sailing on Two Inspired Guys!

20 Mar

John and Amanda Neal from Mahina Expedtions have been sailing heros of Andy's for a while now. It was a real honor to have them on the show! Ryan was away for this one, but Ben Eriksen joined Andy as a special guest co-host. They talked to John and Amanda about their sailing history, about Amanda's participation in the Whitbread Round the World Race, about John's passion for kayaking, and about running a triathlon in Svalbard in 2016! Thanks guys!...

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LAURA DEKKER: Dissing Her Own Movie

18 Mar

Laura Dekker, current holder of the unofficial "youngest solo circumnavigator" record, who thumbed her nose at Dutch authorities and insisted on doing it her way, has announced in her own typically cryptic fashion that she doesn't think much of a film about her that has just been released to quite positive reviews. Maidentrip (you can see a short clip up top), an independent documentary film by Jillian Schlesinger, debuted last week at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) media festival in Austin, Texas, and immediately won itself an Audience Award. Dekker's own review of the film ...

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Yves Gelinas, Cape Horn Windvane Inventor, on Two Inspired Guys

16 Mar

Yves is a solo sailor, artist, inventor and businessman who gave up a successful career in filmmaking to pursue his dreams of sailing. 'With Jean du Sud Around the World', the film account of his solo circumnavigation via the Roaring Forties, is still considered the finest sailing film ever produced. Yves discussed his philosophy on art, life and sports, and how he got into the windvane business. And click here to read Andy's article on how the Cape Horn sailed he and Mia safely across the North Atlantic. Thanks Yves!...

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SELLING SODA NOW: Jarle Andhoey To Launch World’s Largest Pop Bottle

11 Mar

Solo Bottle Adrift

Norway's self-styled Wild Viking sailor guy, Jarle Andhoey, last seen retreating from Antarctica a year ago after failing to establish that anyone other him was responsible for the tragic loss of his boat and three crew in a Ross Sea storm in 2011, has taken to pitching soda pop. As part of a deal with the manufacturer of Solo, a popular Norwegian soft drink, Andhoey will on Wednesday launch a giant 26-foot Solo bottle from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, setting it adrift with a free case of Solo and a giant 12 square-meter message inside. Lest it ...

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Rape, Beheading, and Sunken Treasure: The Road Warrior and Hans Klaar Are Brothers

9 Mar

Thanks to relentless investigative reporting by the SAILfeed staff (Charlie pointing out the obvious to me), we have deduced that The Road Warrior and Hans Klaar are brothers. The Road Warrior is Alex Klaar. I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

This has not been a happy discovery for me. I wanted to write a post about my old cruising acquaintance and his cool boat, but instead I've been plunged into the Heart of Darkness and learned:

1. Michael Klein, who I believe I also knew in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, was found in the companionway of his boat in ...

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The Road Warrior

2 Mar

Once on an airplane I saw a terrible movie, which featured John Travolta, Tim Allen, and William H. Macy playing suburban dads who rode Harley-Davidsons on weekends. They'd made up matching leather jackets.  One day they were pulled over at a bend in the road when a real motorcycle gang rode by – about fifty of them – real meth dealing, bar fighting rebels. One of the suburban dads said, "There they go, boys. That's the real deal."

Even though I'd been circumnavigating for six years, this is how I felt when I met The Road Warrior in Tanzania. I ...

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Matt Rutherford Returns to Two Inspired Guys

26 Feb

When we first talked to Matt back in October – our second-ever episode! – his Ocean Research Project was just an idea. He was still riding high off of his Solo the America's expedition, but he wanted to shift gears and focus on something outside of himself. Since then, the ORP has achieved full 501c(3) status, and has a boat! He brought the 42' steel Colvin up from Florida in December. Andy went to see it in Annapolis in late January, and this was their talk....

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Synthetic Lifelines in the Works

23 Feb
Photo Credit: The Rigging Company (

I spent last weekend at the Miami Boatshow where I got to meet a few of the lovely folks from SAIL, critique my father’s seminars and crash a couple of expensive-looking parties. Oh and I even found time for a quick look around the show. The focus was mainly powerboats and megayachts, with a small ‘Strictly Sail’ satellite where I spent most of my time. While there I had a productive chat with John Franta, owner of Colligo Marine and the guy who did my synthetic rigging. I’ve written about my rig a couple ...

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