Hans Klaar Sails On (And Is Looking For Crew)

17 Jun

Charlie is excited for a couple of sailing movies. I’ve got a really short one that he might like.

Both he and I have long followed the unpredictable and interesting life of Hans Klaar (here, here and here). Klaar is currently on the Portuguese coast, planning to sail his self-built catamaran, Ontong Java, up some rivers as he heads north and beyond. He’s looking for someone to sail with him, so if you are game for an unusual summer internship, email me here.

Here’s Klaar’s description of what he is after: “So if you do know ...

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Joyon On The Hunt

13 Jun

It’s been a while. But the best solo record-setting sailor of his generation (and maybe ever) is out on the Atlantic, gunning for another title. If Joyon, aboard his trimaran IDEC, sets a new record from NYC to the English Channel, he will hold every major solo speed-sailing crown at the same time: RTW; 24-hour; Atlantic (East-West); and Atlantic (West-East).

The mark that Joyon is trying to beat–5 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes–is held by Thomas Coville on Sodebo, and was set in 2008. To succeed, Joyon is being forced by the need to ride a depression ...

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In Memoriam: Bart Simpson

31 May

A stirring tribute to a sailor who always seemed to be smiling. It’s a nice testament to, by all accounts, a great guy and a great sailor. Which only makes it all the more saddening that he lost his life for something that is as essentially trivial (in a cosmic sense) as that plaything of billionaires–the America’s Cup.


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Sponging Away at the 21st Century

30 May

On Florida’s West coast, somewhere between Tampa Bay and the panhandle, you’ll find the town of Tarpon Springs. I suppose I could be more specific but this little self-identified ‘village’ has such a distinctly odd, dream-like feel to it that it seems a disservice to nail it onto any map that isn’t decorated with sea serpents. In trying to describe the place I keep coming back to a definition I once read of “uncanny.” It went something like this: a thing which is uncanny so closely resembles reality that we are able to tell it apart only instinctively. A life-like ...

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America’s Cup Reimagined

29 May

Well, if there was ever a moment that Larry Ellison, Team Oracle, and the idea of racing the America’s Cup in super-fast, super-fragile, super-dangerous catamarans could use a little gloss and burnishing, I guess it would be now.

So I recommend that anyone who wants to feel better, who wants to experience the thrill of big-cat match racing, who wants to see flags and hear stirring music, go right out and buy a DVD copy of “The Wind Gods,” a documentary which seems to exist purely for the purpose of making Larry Ellison and the America’s ...

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Merrill Brown, Caribbean 1500 Sailor, on Two Inspired Guys

8 May

Andy sat down with Merrill aboard his Shannon 43 'Serenity' in Tortola, two days before the start of Atlantic Cup / ARC Europe 2013. Merrill is a sailor, furniture builder, wine collector, beer brewing enthusiastic and really just a super active, thoughtful and inspiring guy! The talk meandered from sailing – and Merrill's reconstruction of the old Shannon – to lawn mowing, wine, coffee and more in between. Best of all, Merrill is an optimist, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Enjoy!...

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Therapeutic Writing in the Caribbean

7 May

Note: I wrote this about a week ago in Tortola, during the ARC Europe / Atlantic Cup start week. It was a nice evening.

I’m back in my element now. After four long days being
social and cheerful, I find myself a bit exhausted. Mia doesn’t understand
this. Introverts (and I classify myself as one), find it physically tiring to be in social situations. Some more than
others, of course (so I’ve read). I’m there now. Don’t get me wrong, I love these events, wouldn’t be doing
anything different. But being introverted, it takes a real effort to be social,...

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Remembering Mange – our brief experiences with a sailing legend

21 Apr

Magnus Olsson passed away yesterday. The legendary Swedish sailor was beloved by the sailing community the world over?. Like many others I'm sure, he was one of my heroes. As a sailor for sure, but also just as a person. What follows are some of my experiences with him since we met in 2011 at the ARC, my simple way of remembering someone who is impossible to forget.

Mia and I first met Magnus and his partner Vica in 2011 at the ARC in St. Lucia. He'd been sailing aboard Triumph?, the big Baltic that took the Invitation ...

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