NOAH CULLEN: Young Sailor’s Body Found Aboard Sunken Sailboat

26 Sep

Jubilee dive

A mystery that has tortured the sailing and diving community in the Upper Florida Keys for most of the past two months was resolved early this week when two technical divers descended about 300 feet and found human remains inside the sunken sailboat Jubilee, which had been missing since August 4. The remains are believed to be those of Noah Cullen, Jubilee‘s 24-year-old skipper, who was last seen alive sailing his boat singlehanded in the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary shortly before a strong thunderstorm swept through the area.

Cullen, an accomplished sailor, diver, camper, and pilot, set ...

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The Wreckage from Odile

20 Sep

Posted September 20 by KL

Mark Drewelow of YachtAid Global sends this word:

Many of you may be following the news about the damage that hurricane Odile left behind as she passed across the Baja Peninsula. As refugees continue streaming out of the area aboard flights out of La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo, the stories are getting out.

Make no mistake, the area is devastated. The two main city areas are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. These cities are about 18 miles apart. Between them is the area called The Corridor. The two cities and ...

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Podcast: Travel on a Human Scale

18 Sep

This week I read an essay I wrote for Broadreach’s blog about how sailing brings you back to the world as it was meant to be for humans. It’s more philosophical than practical, but hopefully is inspiring! What did you think?...

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Hurricane Odile Update

18 Sep

Mainstream media is still down, as power and communications haven’t been restored to southern Baja. However, current information about boats sunk and salvaged, and the tragic loss of at least one member of our cruising community can be found on the Charlie’s Charts Facebook page and on Sailnet.

Island Seeker, the boat I sailed back from Clipperton Island on, has been found on the beach, intact, and appears to be salvageable…hooray!:

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Hurricane Odile: Carnage in La Paz

16 Sep

There is frustratingly little news coming from La Paz, Baja California, but the little I’ve received is disheartening. There’s lots of coverage about Cabo San Lucas, which you can see here.

La Paz is a major sailing center, with hundreds of cruising boats anchored off and moored in marinas at any given time. Apparently when Odile hit the wind was roughly out of the south, somewhat diminished from when it made landfall in Cabo, but with winds still around 100 MPH. On this map you’ll see La Paz, and just northwest of La Paz, across the bay, is a ...

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This week in ocean sailing (and other cool stuff)

12 Sep

As we head towards the re-launch of 59-north.com in the next few weeks, I’m starting something today that I plan to continue and make a feature of the new site/newsletter. In short, I learn a lot about what I talk and write about when it comes to offshore sailing by voraciously reading others. I’d like to share that. Here’s new original content from 59-north.com, plus what I found most interesting this past week around the web and in print:

On Ocean Sailing

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Podcast Essay: Fit & Healthy Onboard

12 Sep

Andy discusses how he and Mia stay fit and healthy onboard. From eating right and paying attention to ingredient labels, to why German beer is better for you, to how to create a workout around a deck of cards, Andy covers his own methods of keeping fit and healthy on Arcturus. Have your own ideas? Share them with us!...

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Maritime industry and safety at sea: infographic

9 Sep


I’ve been thinking a lot about safety at sea lately, as we get ready for next year’s Indian Ocean transit- waters that have a well earned reputation as dangerous to mariners. So when Bracken Foam Fabricators sent me this infographic on maritime safety, it got  my attention. (Mum, I promise we will stay away from any “piratey” waters, even though the trend is in our favor- as the graphic shows!) Thanks Max, for sending this along! When we make it to Ireland, I hope you’ll come visit Totem.

Bracken Foam Fabricators - Safety at Sea - Infographic
Safety conscious folks know we love it when you read this on ...

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