NONSUCH 30: A Modern-Day Catboat With a Wishbone Rig

10 Apr

Nonsuch 30 under sail

The Nonsuch 30 was the first and most successful of the Nonsuch line of una-rigged cruising catboats built by Hinterhoeller Yachts of Ontario, Canada, from 1978 to 1994. Designed by Mark Ellis at the instigation of Gordon Fisher, a famous Canadian racing sailor who wanted a fast, easy-to-handle cruising boat for his retirement, this boat in particular and its four siblings (the Nonsuch 22, 26, 33, and 36) are among the most popular alternative-rigged production boats ever built. In all a total of 975 Nonsuchs were launched over the years; of these 522 were 30-footers. The Nonsuch remains a popular ...

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Cruising with Kids – Not All Fun and Games

8 Apr

We've had a busy week of cruising, and let me tell you, there are challenges to being out here with two kids. Challenges that we never had to deal with when it was just the two of us out sailing the high seas. Looking back I can't believe how easy it was to sail around the world just the two of us. Back then a thousand mile passage was undertaken without any thought. Now throw a hundred miles at us and my brain wants to shut down. But then the kids go off to sleep and I load up the ...

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La Cruz (rough) to Punta Mita (calm)

29 Mar

28-Mar-2012 punta mita, mexico.
Last night we talked about getting an early start today, heading to town for some leg stretching and breakfast, then straight back to the boat to get out of La Cruz before the wind picked up. So with an early start in mind it's no surprise that Lowe would sleep until eight-thirty. He's never slept late like that in his life.

So we rumbled in to town, went to YaYa's for chilaquiles, which for a non-egg eater like me is pretty much the greatest breakfast item ever invented, Ouest played with the dogs, fed the birds, ...

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La Cruz Anchorage, She Looks Nice in the Morning

28 Mar

27-Mar-2012 la cruz de huanacaxtle, mexico.
This morning we took advantage of the calm to head in to town. La Cruz is a nice little place though at eleven o'clock in the morning there isn't a whole lot happening. We found a restaurant open and serving breakfast, got Ouest a heaping plate of french toast and spent an hour perusing the book exchange. It's getting harder and harder these days for us Luddites without a Kindle to find a book so any opportunity is greatly appreciated. We wandered around until about one, had a couple of beers and then headed ...

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On the High Seas of Banderas Bay

27 Mar

26-Mar-2012 la cruz de huanacaxtle, mexico.
And we're off. We left this morning very close to the time we said we were going to leave, which these days is quite a feat. We motored out of the marina and headed for Yalapa, a small town only accessible by boat on the south side of the bay. It was only about fifteen miles, or two hours. When we were about a mile out a boat came racing out to us to try and sell us a mooring. Apparently there are two competing mooring fields in Yalapa and they are serious about ...

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Clipperton Island Still Uninhabited

26 Mar

I’ve just returned from Clipperton Island, a French atoll lying 800 miles off the Mexican coast. I went as part of the Clipperton Project, an art/science/environmental/documentary expedition, but I was involved more with boats, landings, and communications. They tasked me with a survey of sea turtle nesting sites, but I walked around that whole island (about seven miles) and there didn’t seem to be any nesting sites, or I’ve got really bad eyes.

Masked Boobie with chick

I left La Paz on the mother ship, the Lucia Celeste, a 48-foot expedition dive boat. I returned to Baja on a Downeast ...

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Questions for Cruisers

18 Mar

A while back I asked my blog readers to submit any questions they might have so that I could answer them here on SAILfeed. One reader sent us a list so long and detailed that I thought I'd just go ahead and attack a few of them in one go. So here goes.

How do you get weather information, and how often? What information do you use and why?


I answered this question during our first cruise and the online cruisers forums got all in a huff about it. Some called me a liar, some just claimed it as ...

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There is Light at the End of the Marina Dock

12 Mar

10-Mar-2012 puerto vallarta, mexico.
Bathroom shower is finally up and running properly. I installed a much bigger bilge pump that can push the water six feet up and out of the boat with ease. That along with the nice fresh water aboard again and we've got ourselves a semi-luxurious place on the boat to clean up.

A proper windlass fuse got installed today too. A little something to keep us from burning down the boat when the thing overheats. And also got the lazy jacks finished up. All that remains is to go up the mast to install a couple ...

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Baja Single-Handed

6 Mar

I sailed around the world without ever once sailing single-handed. Not even fifty yards of that circumnavigation were completed without Ali onboard. So when we made the decision last June to fly her and our daughter, Ouest, to Puerto Vallarta ahead of me while I sailed down from San Diego it wasn't made lightly. But weather and life had conspired to put us behind schedule and she was now closing in on eight months pregnant. So the idea of sailing south together as a family sounded less and less appealing. Or safe.

So one fine San Diego morning I dropped ...

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A To-Do List Ass Kicking

6 Mar

(Feb. 29, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) Spent the day on the boat plugging away at the list. The water hoses are all replaced, the tanks were cleaned just recently, and the whole system is smelling and tasting wonderful again. Feels good to start fresh.

During that project I learned something new. I was just about finished with the job, I just needed to go out and buy two more hose clamps. But I was anxious to see if everything was working properly so I flicked the water pressure switch on and stood back. What I failed to remember to do was ...

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