Update from the sea: Sunday 8 am

10 Nov


Update from the sea, Sunday 09.00!

Hi everyone, Mia here! I am getting emails via the sat phone from Andy & August and will post some fun updates here on the blog for you all! They departed already on Friday, the window was too good not to catch it and they had a fast ride down the bay and past over the Bay Bridge tunnel and entered the ocean yesterday morning.

“We just got done eating dinner – Lee made my favorite, the pesto chicken broccoli. We’re motor-sailing now with just the jib. The wind started dying at around 1200 and the sails were banging around. Lee & I installed the cleats on the side of the boom for the lazy jacks, re-mounted the small coffee table more securely to the floor, I installed those new bigger blocks on the runners and some other small project while it was calm.

It’s much warmer now out in the ocean. Still chilly, but I was on deck in bare feet this afternoon and took my base layer off, and don’t need gloves constantly.

We had a BEAUTIFUL sunset tonight off to starboard. Tiny little puffy friendly clouds and just a nice long yellow sunset, perfectly clear sky. The moon is bigger tonight, so even though it’s calm it’ll be a gorgeous night. We could probably sail right now, but I’m taking the chance to rest and get a good night’s sleep tonight. Looks like the wind will fill in from the SW tomorrow afternoon then stay with us for a while, and be on the nose for a bit.”

And here is an update from August & crew on ISBJORN:

“Ahoy, Icebear! Thanks, we had a beautiful night with really fun sailing. Bit tiring with all the gybing and nav (down the bay), so if feels great to be offshore. 33 miles from the bay exit now, Isbjørn kicking ass in the light airs. Im in love! Big bear hugs from all of us to all of you. – August”

You can follow the boats and the tracks on 59-north.com/track

A few tricks:

  • Go to 59-north.com/track for the latest update. Refresh the page if you cant see any new updates.

  • If you click on the boat (ISBJORN OR ICEBEAR) or their track, a box to the left will pop up with messages they have sent in.

  • On the top right you will see the some boat stats.

  • And if you click the button above the zoom + – (on the mid right), you can choose to overlay the weather.

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