October 19th Livestream and special announcements from LandOps…

18 Oct

Hi, awesome virtual voyagers!

Quick update from the Landops team aka Joanna aka “The Wife”

  1. If you want to watch Moli and Randall come under the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday and can’t make it no worries. We’re now going to be Live Streaming the event on Facebook. If you want to watch just go to The Figure 8 Voyage Page here at approximately 12:30 pm PST . We’ll be streaming the “landing” at the Sausalito Yacht Club somewhere between 1:15 pm – 1:30 pm PST. Yes, we will be recording and sharing this footage. https://www.facebook.com/figure8voyage/
  2. If you want to be updated on future shenanigans – a book, opportunities to hear him speak, information on how to invite Randall to speak, what he’s doing next you can sign up for more information here: https://www.joannabloor.com/figure8voyage

I also want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the rest of the “Landops” team.

Kylie Teele for everything you’ve jumped into with a curious mind and a positive attitude. We’ve thrown all sorts of things at you and you’ve figured them out like a champ.

Lucy Heston for talking me off the ledge more times than I can count and figuring out answers to questions like “What would it take to get the Guinness Records folks to recognize this?

Freddy Bunkers who is responsible for posting the significant majority of the content you see here on a daily basis. I’ve lost count of the number of frantic texts back and forth we had at all hours. You are a champ.

Brad Kellar who when I had an IT question or the site went down AGAIN would kindly just fix it.

Lauren Pfenninger who jumped on the bandwagon at the 11th hour to get us across the finish line.

To all my “I have a dumb question about sailing or equipment” guys. There’s a huge list here but Mike, Tony, and Dustin, you were brilliant. Always. I’m NEVER going to forget the hilarious emails we shared when trying to figure out how to get insane amounts of equipment through Argentinian customs to the bottom of the world.

To Mary and Stan our neighbors in Oakland. Having you both across the street while Randall was gone was amazing. You both appeared and helped in so many ways. I never felt alone.

To the Reeves family. You are my family. A big shout out to Randall’s Mom who sent me the kindest notes throughout this journey. Evon, you’re amazing!

To may squad of ladybadass friends (yes the guys too). You made being “alone” for two years seem like a party. And no, we’re not done having fun.

To my family (I started typing names and there’s too many but ya’ll know who you are) – Harry told me the other day that he wants to come out to San Francisco and come sailing with Uncle Randall because “that’s where all the interesting animals are”. I know you’re all feeling the same love for him as I do just typing that. You guys were all there with that kind of love.

To Moli and Monte – thank you for keeping him safe.

And last but not least to Randall. Who knew that when this part of our adventure started nearly 10 years ago (yes, the photo from this post was taken about 2 weeks before you left on Murre and the Pacific). We had no idea what would manifest. As always with you, it’s an adventure. My guess, the adventure has only just begun.

Joanna & Randall October 2010

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