#275: Lin Pardey // A Legendary Sailor

15 Oct

Lin 275 Art.jpg

#275. The legendary Lin Pardey is back on ON THE WIND! Way back in 2013 when I first started the show, Lin & Larry Pardey were episode #2. Six years and 273 episodes later, and Lin is back, live in person this time, to give us an update on her life and cruising plans. Sadly, Larry is no longer able to travel. Lin recently published the 3rd edition of her beloved ‘Self Sufficient Sailor’ book, and she explains today why that classic sailing tome got a modern update.

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  1. Rm beringer

    E: you are nothing but a no class I-troll. Lynn, you are the most beautiful sailor I have ever known. Ignore this misanthrope and keep on doing what you do.

  2. Peter Nilsson

    I second ‘JG Ballard’s post. And Lin Pardey is a beautiful soul I’ve met frequently at this show Annapolis over the years – flooded or not. The further from shore I can get from the likes of “E” and his ilk, the better it is for me.

  3. Bud Taplin

    I just listened to your interview with Lin Pardey, and it really brought back a flood of memories for me. I am 87 now, and was a delivery skipper in Newport Beach, CA, when Larry was doing the same. I was at the launch of both of the Bristol Channel cutters they built. and ran into them a few times in the intervening years. I married a sailing lady that had a boy friend back then who was building a sailboat in the same small boatyard when Larry and Lin were building Serrafin. She related many a story to me of the events that went around during those days at the boatyard.
    After I spent 10 years doing boat deliveries, and got married in 1969, I settled down in Costa Mesa, and spent the next 20 or so years building boats. Working for three different boatbuilding companies designing and building the production equipment, and also as Production Manager at Westsail, and then operating my own custom boat building yard, Worldcruiser. I am now still supplying replacement parts to the 1100 or so Westsail sailboats that were laminated.
    But it was great to hear her story, and bring back memories to me. Thanks for that.

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