Sept 2, Slow Slowly West and North PLUS VIDEO

4 Sep

September 2, 2019

Days at Sea: 274
Days Since Departure: 338

Noon Position: 69 41N  199 42W
Course(t)/Speed(kts): WxN 4.2
Wind(t/tws): W 5
Sea(t/ft): NE 1
Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast 8 (Squalls with light snow till noon)
Bar(mb): 1019
On-deck Temp(f): 40
Cabin Temp(f): 65
Water Temp(f): 36
Relative Humidity(%): 34
Magnetic Variation: 19.5

Sail: Under power. 

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 119
Miles since departure: 34,807

Miles to Tuk: 300

Little to report but progress, slow progress. We are motoring on a flat sea now and at the usual clip, but there is a current here in the Amundsen Gulf of 1 – 2 knots against, so much of the time we are making but 4 knots to the good. Granted, they are an easy 4 knots, except for the impatience of the skipper to be onward. 

Snow on deck this morning from nearly stationary squalls ahead. Big, clumpy flakes. Even with 6am temperatures of 36 degrees, the snow hardly lasted a minute. 

After the sky cleared, flocks of snow geese headed S and W in long Vs just above the water top. Now and then a grebe going where ever grebes go. Twice Mo scared the pants off a seal as it came up for air.  

Gradually, wind is swinging into the NE but is still too light to be useful. Sails are up; they hardly draw. Big Red continues to do all the work, has run for the last 31 hours without a break.

All the NW wind of late has pushed a big chunk of old Arctic ocean ice down and around the Baillie Islands and Cape Bathurst. Thus, my joy at being out of the ice as expressed in the following video may have been premature. The ice is not currently up against the coast, and I think it can be easily avoided by a jog due W at Cape Parry. Tomorrow’s forecast will tell. 

This video is about how we got through the last big ice block in Larsen Sound. 

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  1. sonofasailor35

    I assume your longitude is 119 West, not 199 West as you indicate, since 199 West does not exist.

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