Navionics Boating app adds AIS target vectors and ActiveCaptain Community updates

19 Sep


In a recent blog post Navionics announced they’ve added vectors to AIS target displays and the ability to edit rate and review ActiveCaptain Community points of interest (POIs). It looks like Navionics is making good on their promise of rapid improvements to their AIS features.

The post goes on to say that the vectors displayed on each target show the distance that will be covered in the next 6 minutes at current speed. I’m currently traveling back from the NMEA annual conference so I haven’t been able to try out AIS on the boat but will shortly.

Navionics 14.5 now allows adding ratings and reviews for ActiveCaptain Community (ACC) POIs as well as editing details of the POIs. I’m also happy to see — though I think it was changed a little while ago — that Navionics now displays all ACC POI reviews rather than the most recent 10 as it initially did.

A few releases ago Navionics also added the ability to manually configure data sources which is an improvement on the troubles Ben E. described but I did still experience some trouble with Boating trying to enable multiple sources but they’re clearly making progress.

It’s only been a couple of months since Navionics added AIS display capabilities. At the time it seemed like the feature wasn’t fully ready for prime-time but Navionics promised improvements and they’ve been steadily delivering those.

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