Hugo Boss christened in London

20 Sep

Alex Thomson’s brand new IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss was formally christened last night on The River Thames in London. It was in typical BOSS style and the photos are lovely, but they were a little upstaged by the photos of the interior which the team released at the same time. They also released a video and both are a little mind-blowing – especially the interior. Alex plans to sail the boat from down below most of the time and rather than mess with a hard cabin top where you are quite well protected, he’s opting to cover the whole thing and run all controls below. It’s innovative and bold and I just think that he may well be onto something – so long as he can remember which line to pull.

You can see the video here

Control central – all lines led down below
A clear view of the mast and sails from the security of the covered cockpit

Every line in its place and color coded


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