#273: Lars Ström // The Nautor’s Swan ‘Professor’

30 Sep

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#273. Lars Ström is known as ‘The Professor’ of Nautor’s Swan. Now 80 years old and retired, Lars worked at the famed Nautor boatyard in Finland for nearly his entire career, and indeed during the period in the 1970s when ISBJORN, our S&S Swan 48, was built, AND also in the 1990s when ICEBEAR, oru Frers Swan 59 was built. Over the years since we first bought ISBJORN Lars has been a wonderful help to us in learning the boat, as he is to almost any Swan owner who reaches out to him. Mia & I talked to him in Finland about his long and satisfying career.

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  1. DON Cadwallader ( an acient mariner)

    Very Interesting. I am pass 90 so appreciate his comments from one old sailor to another. Andy & Mia , I have followed you on your many travels really enjoy your articles and writings. Keep up the good words. Blessings

    Don –“the ancient mariner”

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