Images of Sisimiut

2 Aug

July 30, 2019

It’s Mo’s third morning in Sisimiut, and I still haven’t made it much past the Seaman’s Home and the chandlery near the harbor.

Luckily, Greenland is such a place that everywhere one turns is an exotic scene.

Here are a few such to keep things going while I work to stop the engine’s oil leak…

Rafted five deep along the inner wall of Sisimiut Harbor. It’s nice to have the outer berth until it’s time to go into town. Crawling over so many boats to achieve the pier is quite a slog.
Awaiting the return.

View from the Seaman’s Home.

Five green boats.

Red barn and the harbor.

Old town, Sisimiut.

Blue house and stone wall.

Paddy Barry’s beautiful restoration, Ilen, taking water from the Royal Greenland wharf.

United States of Greenland.

Both Nuuk and Sisimiut seem to have grown up around the cemetery.

Cotton Grass.

Sisimiut is the first settlement along western Greenland where one will find sledge dogs, says Andrew Wilkes in Arctic and Northern Waters.

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