Cambridge Bay Achieved

23 Aug

August 22, 2019

Mo with Alioth in tow rounded the corner into Cambridge Bay at 11pm last night. Alioth came to anchor over a forty foot shelf in the bay’s West Arm, and Mo took a berth a few hundred feet further on. Another consort to Alioth, Mandragore, also took shelter nearby. 

Shelter. Because change is coming. 

The barometer has been falling slowly but without hesitation for three days. It’s high was 1024mb, and as I type, it reads 985.5mb with no sign of finding bottom. By way of suggesting that such a fall must presage apocalypse, the ice guide, Victor Wejer, sent out a general blast to local boats earlier today. “Sub 970 low over Canadian Arctic by Friday afternoon is in record territory. Expect storm and major meltdown,” he wrote. 

So, I’m relieved to be successfully done with the tow but am more relieved that we did it. Now we have a chance at safety. 

After anchoring, all were invited to an arrival celebration dinner aboard Alioth that got started at midnight and ended after 3am. I slept until nearly noon.

The three boats have spent the day preparing for the coming blow. Alioth put out two anchors. Mo will ride to one but with very long scope and a long, elastic snubber. I’ve also rigged the second anchor to a coil of spare rope road which can be dropped over the side if the first anchor goes on holiday.

What can be done has been. Now for some sleep. The fun should commence at midnight.

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