Good Progress and Monte Speaks

21 Jul

July 19, 2019/Day 247

Noon Position: 58 00N  51 41W

Miles since departure: 32,456

Leg Newfoundland to Nuuk/Day: 4


The day has been kind. Though not a soul would call this trade wind sailing, the fog has lifted such that one’s gaze must travel an expanse of water before reaching a horizon. What relief. Granted, both water and sky continue in their admiration of the color gray, but at least there is now something to look at.

And the wind, though forward of the beam, is of a velocity Mo can use for speed while maintaining comfort for her crew.

Sadly, the forecast calls for this blessed wind to peter out by tomorrow, to go calm and then northerly. But we’ve had a good run of miles and so can’t complain.

Randall: Monte, my friend, so good to see you in action. Welcome back!

Monte took the helm when we switched off the engine a few days ago, his first extended watch since his unfortunate argument with the drogue just south of Halifax.

Monte: Going forward, Senior, I am to wish that you pronounce my name as MonTAY.

Monte extends the final syllable to rhyme with “hay.”

Randall: Um, OK. But why this sudden concern with your name?

Monte: As I understand it, Senior, we are soon to enter, as you have said, uncharted territory. As such, you will no doubt become the discoverer of many new places, and it will thus be your right, not to mention you sacred duty, to name these places … after your particular friends. In all modesty, Senior, I am anticipating a number of geographical locations will be designated in my honor, for which I thank you in advance, and, well, consider the sound of it.

Randall: The sound of what?

Monte: Monte Bay, for example. It is not good. It is what you call a race track where the dogs run and you bet on the winner. Monte Bay, it is the mall where loud children do their Christmas shopping. But, BUT… Bahia MonTAY; Senior, that has a certain gravidness, do you not think?

Randall: I believe you mean “gravitas.”

Monte: Punta MonTAY. Islote MonTAY. Yes, these are very satisfying. If you should choose to use them, of course. I am only suggesting. To help in my small way.

Randall: Unfortunately, my friend, we will not be the first men to see the north. I believe the English got there first by dint of the names that were left behind.

Monte: Well, let us keep a sharp lookout. It could be we will find something as yet undiscovered.

This article was syndicated from The Figure 8 Voyage


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