Welcome to the North Atlantic

24 May

May 22, 2019

Day 229

Noon Position: 36 36N  6116W

Course: ENE 6

Wind: NNW 20 -25

Sea: NNW 14

Sail: #2, three reefs, close reaching

Noon to Noon miles made good: 115

We’re biting into the underside of our first North Atlantic low. Winds are the stiffest we’ve experienced since Cape Horn, and are made to feel all the more so because I’m trying to reach to the NE in a strong northwesterly. I doused the main at noon, by which time the rail couldn’t keep its head above water. Mo is down to a triple reefed #2 and making six and seven knots.

What is surprising is the heft of the seas. This morning when the sun was still dominant, the water top looked like a potato patch shoal. But as the day has progressed, and wind built, the seas have stacked up in a way that would make the southern ocean proud. Fourteen feet is not a stretch.

I’ve been in foulies all day and for the first time in two months. Likely be in foulies for the duration.

It’s still, as they say in policing, an active crime scene, so I need to get back on deck.

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