A Leap North

17 May

May 15, 2019/Day 222

Noon Position: 26 49N  59 39W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NxE 7 – 8

Miles since departure: 29,836

Avg. Miles/Day: 134

Wind built overnight, and by morning Mo was in full froth, churning out seven and eight knots under twin headsails. Heavy, ominous cloud with pounding rain. Winds peaked at twenty knots, but seas stood right up, producing the occasional creaming breaker down which Mo happily surfed.

We’ve entered the lower limb of a long trough of brisk south and southwest winds that, as of this moment, would take us all the way to St John’s if they held. But they will not. We may get another 24 hours of this, so I’m grabbing as much northing as I can while the going is good, even though we are being pulled back to the east.

Soon enough we will again be in the company of the light and variables, but by then my hope is to have achieved 30N or above. We won’t have topped the high at that point, but we’ll be within spitting distance, and, as of now, it looks like the high may be only one or two degrees of latitude wide. I’ll ford that lack of stream under engine if need be.

Miles to St John’s: 1,400 (rhumb line; actual may be much more).

Pleasant to be on the move again. There has been so little wind in memory that when it came time to reef this morning, I had to think it through.

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