St Johns River Crossing at Pablo Creek STM 740

2 Apr

We have traversed this section 4 times in the past 2 years. We use NOAA charts updated daily in Coastal Explorer and we use Navionics Sonar Charts. For some reason the NOAA charts in this intersection are all dated 2015. I am not sure why the charts on the NOAA site have not been updated. But Navionics Sonar charts have steered us through here every time with no issue. And while Aqua Map base maps are NOAA (and show the NOAA 2015 charts), they have recently added the USACE surveys as part of their Aqua Map Master app. The USACE survey clearly shows where the channel is and it agrees with what Navionics has been showing for the past few years.
This is a section of the ICW which is subject to very strong currents and therefor you must pay attention to where you are. The rout through here is not a straight line. Combine the currents and the bend in the route and it is easy to understand why some boats run aground.


Remember the old adage about crossing an ICW trouble spots. When in doubt “Transit at half tide rising.”


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