South of Fernandina STM 718 March 24, 2019

17 Apr


For some reason the section between STM 717 and STM 719 is confusing to some. It needn’t be.

Northbound after exiting Kinglsey creek you are in the Amelia River.  Stay to the east side past R2. The charts show the deepest water on the lower east side. I have used the  upper west side  at the G2 bend of the river for about 5 years, as the water is deeper along the western shore  The eastern channel has at least 8 feet of water at MLLW. The western channel has 12+ at MLLW .  This is one place you do not want to follow the NOAA magenta line.  It takes you right across the shoal in the middle of the river. At the northern end of either channel you will turn sharply to the east.  At this point there are two green ATONs G1 and G1A. As of t4/15/2019, up to date NOAA chart show both G1 and G1A, a steel pole driven firmly into the river bottom with green day boards. As you turn the corner you must follow the south bank of the river. Stay away from R18,16 and 14 as they are marking a shoal. Both the sonar charts and USACE surveys show this south side of the river as the preferred route.  Stay along the  shore until you are past the paper mill. Then head towards Fernandina Beach Marina.


Southbound is equally simple. Pass Fernandina Beach Marina and then hug the east and south shores past the paper mill. Head west past G1 and G1A to the western side of the river and turn south along the western shore. The attached Sonar Charts give a clear picture of the route.  The USACE survey only covers the section north of G1.


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