Sodebo Ultime – a fighter jet?

3 Apr

I just can’t get enough of this boat, the new Ultime trimaran built for the French sailing star Thomas Coville. It was splashed for the first time a couple of weeks ago and this past week they took it out on the first of a series of sea trials. The thing is a beast but is it going to be a game changer? Their technical team sure believe that it is but time will tell.  One thing that I do love about the French is that they view sailing in such romantic terms. They always talk about the serene beauty of the ocean and how it spiritually revives them. I think that’s really great but they have outdone themselves explaining the reason they placed the cockpit in front of the mast. Here is their reasoning from their website.

“Do you remember the first planes? At the time the propeller was on the front and this left no choice but to place the engine up front and the pilot at the wings, or even behind them. Now with the advent of lighter engines it’s possible to advance the cockpit and offer the man with the controllers a much better visibility.”  OK so far that makes sense. 

“On Sodebo Ultime 3 we decided to move the cockpit forward by seven meters when compared to the old boat. As with a new generation of fighter planes the “pilot” has a clearer view close to the bows.” They are magically explaining that because on a modern fighter jet the pilot is ahead of the wings, their new design is comparable to a fighter jet. Lovely explanation and truly a radical departure from all previous designs. Let’s hope that it works. The boat sure looks like a fighter jet to me.

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