Roaring Forties B-Roll, VIDEO

20 Apr

April 19, 2019/Day 196

Noon Position: 09 28S  25 24W

Miles since departure: 26,747/Avg. Miles/Day: 136

It took me a while to figure it out. Why I was perspiring so heavily in the cabin while doing nothing at all. But it’s the wind, of course, which is now generally aft of the beam at 10 or so knots. Consequently, the breeze below is much reduced. And man, it’s hot.

Today’s video is a miracle. Actually, that you are seeing it is a miracle. For three days, the app I use to edit and compile video has failed to export this one. The machine whirs for five minutes and then crashes. Nothing I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot, has worked until–magic–this afternoon export complete. Not entirely sure why it worked, so we’re not out of the woods yet–but this video is out.

Huge thanks to my friend, Kelton, for the assistance in trouble shooting. Help desk and technical forum emails have been flying. I’m sure I’d still be stuck without his intervention.

The video is a longish collection of out-takes and action shots from the Cape Horn to Cape Horn loop. BE WARNED: I was unable to edit any of the sound. So the on deck shots are very loud with wind. Best to turn down your volume control before the fun begins.

I’ve been wanting to “show off” more of the south for some time, but the sailing got in the way down there, and I fell behind on videos. Glad you are finally able to see this one. I hope you will agree, it’s quite a place.

This article was syndicated from The Figure 8 Voyage


  1. Steve Kendall

    Marvelous!…One of the best on-board videos I’ve seen from the Southern Ocean, very much akin to being there with you, with the rollers and breakers reminiscent of my passage from Kaui to Seattle…Thanks for bringing this to us, be safe, live strong, stay in touch!..

  2. Jarek Nowak

    Hi Randall, Thanks for the video from Horn to Horn. Awesome footage! I enjoy following your voyage through your posts. This particular video conveys the sense of actually being there. Great editing even if the app gave you so much trouble. Stay safe!

  3. Ed Rockdale

    Excellent video.
    For a landlubber who has played with sailing in fits and spurts, watching waves break “for no good reason”, getting a glimpse of the pacing one needs for long-distance sailing, and the peace and fear inherent in ocean sailing was easy to see in this video.

  4. Trevor

    Awesome footage. You have my envy. I am currently preparing my boat for a similar journey. Thanks for sharing with us.

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