Price Creek SC STM 448 March 31, 2019

5 Apr

There has been a shoal building off R86 about 8 miles north of Isle of Palms. The NOAA charts do not provide enough detail to help you know which side of the shoal to pass. Most guidance says to stay east of the shoal. We have made several trips on the west side of the shoal.  In looking at the  Aqua Map Master USACE surveys as we planned our route last week, the surveys have no information on water depths east of this shoal. Based on that decided to go west of the shoal March 31:

  1. We have tracks of at least 4 passes west of the shoal going back to 2014 ,and 6 passes east of the shoal.
  2. The USACE survey displayed in Aqua Map Master shows no data east of the shoal.
  3. The grayed out USACE survey from 2013 shows good depths. But is it still there?
  4. We were on a rising tide and had +2.5 feet. So really how much trouble could we get into?
  5. The NOAA chart has no detail east of the shoal. Navionics suggests there is deep water east of the shoal.

So, we went west of the shoal.  We went very slowly west of the shoal so if we bumped we could get off quickly. The least depth we noted on our track shown below was 8.9 feet corrected to MLLW. That being said, we are not sure we made the best call there.  All we can say is that at low water you have to pick one side or the other.


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