Lockwoods Folly April 3, 2019

4 Apr
This has been a tough ICW trouble spot for the past couple of years. Dredging has just been completed (there are pipes and barges still onsite) and the channel marks have been reset. As of today, it is a simple straight shot. Just stay between the markers for 12-14 feet at low tide. I can attest to the low tide depth, we came through at dead low this afternoon. 
We are using 4 different charting  and navigation systems. We have NOAA charts running on a PC, Navionics charts  in the Raymarine chart plotter, Navionics sonar charts in an iPAd. And we have Aqua Map Master  running on a second iPAd.
NOTE: At the time we transited all  the aids to navigation (ATONs) have been reset by the  USCG.  The locations have not been updated on the charts yet.  Between R46 and R58 the chart placement is incorrect as shown.  However, the ATONs you see on the water are placed properly to guide you through the newly dredged channel.  So, just follow the ATONs.
There is one spot where we saw 8.5 feet. That was about 300 feet west of R36. It is a shallow spot already identified on the USACE surveys from post hurricane Florence, 2018. At 8.5 feet MLLW it is not a significant issue. It may help to stay on the green side of the channel. But this shoal must be watched over the course of the next 6 months as it may build up and become an issue for the southbound cruisers next fall.
Attached are 5 screenshots:
  1. Our track on a NOAA chart.

2. This is the overview of Lockwoods Folly showing our track of April 3, 2019 at 13:30 as displayed on Navionics sonar chart. As you can see, you can follow the channel on the chart.


3.This is the screenshot of Aqua Map Master with the USACE survey overlay. As a consequence of the recent dredging, the USACE surveys at the west end of Lockwoods folly are not correct. There was a survey boat working in this area today and we can hope to see updated USACE surveys shortly.

4. This is the western end of Lockwoods Folly. You can see our track at low tide with 14 feet of water. The USACE survey data is now wrong.
5. This is the eastern end of Lockwoods Folly. You can see our track at low tide.
6. Close up of the east end showing the shoal which still exists near R36 post dredging.


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