Bogue Sound STM 210-213

8 Apr


A significant shoal  has been growing at R12 and R10A.  The picture below is from Aqua Map with the USACE survey of March 6, 2019. We drifted off center because we were being passed buy a 55’ motor yacht right at the worst section.  He did not have these USACE charts and was not aware of the shoal.  He was quite surprised to slow down and suddenly realize he was in very shallow water.  The water was so shallow the motor yacht could not accelerate onto plane until the water got deeper in about 100 yards east. We had 2 feet of tidal help at the time. The depths we noted would work out to 7 feet MLLW on the centerline. We were just 30 feet off center, and our track showed 5’ MLLW. If you are using NOAA charts or Navionics, stay exactly on the magenta line through this section and you might be OK . Remember the magenta line is a path and not a route.


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