Wind from Everywhere

19 Mar

March 17, 2019/Day 164

Noon Position: 55 32S  80 36W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExN 6

Wind(t/tws): SE 18 – 20

Miles since departure: 22,530

Avg. Miles/Day: 137


Strange days continue.

On deck this morning, you could have been in two worlds. Look straight up and your vista is blue sky with splashes of warm sun. Look to any horizon, and you see a wall, gray and impenetrable. This, I imagine, is what those who believer in a flat earth think surrounds the nether regions of the world.

The barometer stopped its descent at 990mb, this at 5AM, but still the foretold wind from the SW did not manifest. Instead wind continued restless and light. My log for the last twenty-four hours records a different wind direction at every entry, and those are just the records it caught. From NW to N and NNE; back to S and SE; up to ENE and NE; over to SE, SSE and finally S…oh, wait…now SxW. Finally, this afternoon, a moderate wind at SWxS with a cold rain, but now we pound, inexplicably, into an E swell and make 4 knots.

But I am happy. It appears we dodged the heavy SW winds and are now positioned for strong westerlies for our final push to Cape Horn.

Cold fingers type mostly typos, so I’ll stop here.

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