1. Bruce Conron

    I’m enjoying Randall’s reports but I’m confused concerning his longitude position on Feb. 28. He says that he is about 140W and that he calculates that he has to make up “280 degrees” of longitude to reach Cape Horn. Did I hear that correctly? My atlas indicates that the Horn lies on about 68W. According to my math, he has to make up 140 minus 68 which is 72 degrees of longitude. What am I missing here?

  2. Gerard

    Yes… we love your story… we (armchair sailors)….!!
    What kind of boat….
    What marine electronics you use?

  3. Team Figure 8

    Jim – We’d love to post the link here but the system doesn’t seem to like it. We recommend you go to the Figure 8 voyage website. There’s a TON of information about Randall, the boat etc etc. Should answer all your questions.
    Tom – if you look up the Figure 8 Voyage on You Tube you can see all the videos from sea.
    Thanks Team F8
    PS. Please note that Randall is not able to see any of these comments. His support team back home responds. If you’d like to ask specific questions we pull them from the Figure 8 Voyage comments and send regularly. Logistically hard (we’re a volunteer operation) here. Thanks!

  4. Tom

    I like your style. Do you have more vids? Good luck and keep up the good work. Get some rest while the wind is light.

  5. Team Figure 8

    Robert – check out the Figure 8 Voyage website (just google it – we can’t seem to put links there) there’s a ton of information on the boat and everything else you might want to know. Randall doesn’t have internet access so does not see comments from here. We do however compile them for him from his site directly. Thanks Team F8

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