Cabin Fever

26 Feb

February 24, 2019/Day 143

Noon Position: 46 05S  150 50W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 7

Miles since departure: 19,687

Avg. Miles/Day: 138


We’re riding the edge. Typically by the time winds hit 30 knots, I’ve dropped even a triple reefed main. But I don’t think 30 will last long, and I want to push us. The faster we go, the longer we stay in this wind and the further ahead of the NEXT low we get.

But it’s bloody uncomfortable. The sea is running bouldery, steep and smack on the beam. Mo is healed way over, and she heaves in a way that makes one defer anything but the most basic and necessary of tasks. Even reading is difficult; after ten minutes my head is a bowl of scrambled eggs. And with the decks awash, I’m essentially trapped inside unless making sail changes.

On the plus side, we’re making good time. Two days now of over 150 miles; this should be the third. We need it. The next low and the next are right on our track and they look some serious business.

Hard to believe it’s nearly March, at the end of which I will have been at sea a full six months.

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