Wind on the Way and Voyaging Coffee (Video)

8 Jan

January 5, 2019/Day 93

Noon Position: 46 25S  45 16E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 7-8

Miles since departure: 12,737

Avg. Miles/Day: 137


A large low starts to arrive tonight; first thrust will be NW winds to 30-35 between midnight and dawn. Late tomorrow, it will clock into the W phase and just as we make the Crozets, still some 212 miles E.

Winds have been 20 – 24 from NWxN for several hours now, in which Mo is reaching under reefed canvas and happily pushing 8 knots. Much of the time, skies are clear, the water has taken on that sparkling sapphire blue. In the cabin, it’s an unprecedented 64 degrees as I type. And there’s hardly any sea to speak of. Am hoping that holds for the stronger, NW phase of this low as I’d like to keep heading due E as long as possible.

Some Virtual Voyagers have asked about what I eat when not eating Shepherd’s Pie. So, today, I made a short video that discusses the first major food group, coffee…

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  1. Daniel Seefahrt

    Best coffee maker for boat and saltwater environment is the aero press. All plastic makes one cup at a time. So good I use it whether on the boat or not

  2. Dean Aschenbrenner

    Nice. I have a ‘Standard’ Drip Brew coffee maker from Coleman that instead of electric it is powered by Propane (1 lb cylinder). Just like home and makes 10 cups AND keeps it warm.

  3. Michael Herz, SF Baykeeper Emeritus & former SSS Commodore

    I like your style re coffee (as long as it’s Peets)! It’s my fav food group, too. I used a small, aluminum espresso stovetop when I did the Singlehanded Transpac in 1980. Can’t go voyaging without your best coffee setup! Hope your Cape Horn luck (& skill) stays with you throughout the rest of the way around the “8”.

    P.S. Moitessier was my inspiration, too. Sat in Joshua’s cabin talking to him for an hour about the “Long Way” days before I left for Kauai.

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