Another Night on Drogue

30 Jan

January 28, 2019

Day 116

Noon Position: 42 51S  125 23E

We’d done 102 miles as of noon.

As it turns out, I was over-cautious with this third low.

I deployed the SHARK drogue again at 4pm and then slept until 10pm, when weather started to come on. I then made a cup of tea, dressed in foulies, and sat up with the low until 3am, well after the forecast called for it to peak. Winds never got much above 30-35, and they were more in the high 20s. All good sailing wind, except for the heavy, lunging sea. And it was too late; the drogue was out.

At 3am, I hit the sack and slept till 6am.

Winds now were a steady 20 – 25, and the barometer had come up a couple points. After coffee, I hauled in the drogue.

Just as it had yesterday, the drogue line had twisted and wound up the bridle, but as before, only to a certain point. Thus, the swivel on the drogue and the swivel I added on the bridle appear to have failed; or maybe it takes quite a lot of twist to activate them.

In a previous blog I reported that retrieving the SHARK is moderately easier than the Jordan Series Drogue. That should be amended: it is MUCH easier. Still, 300 feet of line takes time to get in out of the sea.

We resumed sailing at 10am. Our course, The Snares: 1778 miles at ExS.

Lots of wasted motion in the last few days; now we’re very far north of New Zealand and my precious average daily miles have taken a big hit.

I’m eager to get moving fast again.

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