Mo is Around Cape Horn – November 29th 2018

30 Nov

November 29, 2018

Day 56

Noon Position: 55 59S 67 44w

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 7+

Wind(t/tws): W 15 – 25

Sea(t/ft): W 5

Sky: Overcast with rain and drizzle

10ths Cloud Cover: 10

Bar(mb): 998, rising slowly

Cabin Temp(f): 55

Water Temp(f): 45 (warmer. hmm.)

Relative Humidity(%): 69

Sail: Twin headsails poled out; three reefs in each.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 142 (light wind overnight as we moved between weather systems)

Miles since departure: 7471

Avg. Miles/Day: 56


We jumping this post to the head of the line because we’ve just receive a few photos of Randall’s rounding of Cape Horn today. No story yet, except that it was a fine sail, if wet and cold, and he’s tired from the excitement and a few days of inconsistent sleep. He reports he’s headed NE toward Staten Island overnight and will likely trend toward the Falklands from there. There are a couple more pre-Horn posts to come, and then we’re sure Randall will send in the rounding tale when things even out.

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  1. Peter J. Levy, DC

    I don’t really know you but this is pretty darned exciting stuff you’re dong and I’m thrilled for your
    success. Sailing is my therapy but you’ve taken it to another level and I thank you.

    Peter J. Levy, DC
    Santa Barbara

  2. Bob Beger

    Keep pushing Randall. You’re not just my hero, but the hero and ultimate voyager of so very many.
    I sit here in PHX and am enjoying the best vicarious trip of a lifetime.
    Thank you and God speed.
    Bob Beger

  3. Gene Carl

    Congratulations. You deserve to be proud today! I’m jealous (lol) I’m new to sailing and only wish for such an accomplishment. You’re are really one of the few. As you know, many people who sail are terrified when out of the sight of land. I was on the radio for many years as a DJ in Calif. I used to receive requests on the phone for different songs from Hawaii. I often thought, “I wonder if someone in a sailboat in the Pacific is listening to my show?” Maybe. Good luck!

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