The USCG is Moving ATONS

9 Oct


ATTENTION: The posts regarding the post hurricane inlet crossing have used the USACE surveys layered on NOAA charts. The USACE surveys indicate the locations of the ATONS at the time of the survey. In many cases the USACE ATON placement does not agree with the NOAA charts, because the USACE ATON placement is more recent than any other chart system. When viewing the charts posted, please note that the way points are specific points placed near the USACE ATONS wherever I can, to make the transit easier. But the ATONS may indeed not be where your charts show them to be. The way points are specific latitude/longitude points ,which at the time of survey will keep you in water of the indicated depth. It would be best to have a printed copy of these transits at hand when you are headed into these challenging crossings. Here is a link to the USACE Wilmington District page where you can download the PDF files.

In particular, G47A has been added in Lockwoods Folly…/Hydrograp…/Inlets-Crossings/



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