The BOSS sets new 24-hour speed record

26 Oct
Hugo Boss in flying mode
This just in. British skipper Alex Thomson and his crew have officially broken the 24-hour distance record for a 60ft Monohull. Sailing onboard HUGO BOSS, Thomson’s  IMOCA 60 race boat, the crew were successfully able to sail 539.71 nautical miles over the course of 24 hours, breaking the existing record – set by Thomson himself in 2017 – by 2.9 nm.

The record was broken on 19-20 July, during a transatlantic delivery from New York to the United Kingdom. Thomson and four crew members sailed at an average speed of 22.49 knots during the 24 hour period. The new record was ratified this week by the World Sailing Speed Record Council.

Thompson has consistently held this record by breaking his existing record but he is going to be up against some new challengers as the latest foiling IMOCA 60 come into play. The latest to launch is Charel with Jérémie Beyou as skipper. Here are some incredible images of the boat and follow this link to watch an awesome video. Be forewarned the music is terrible so you might want to turn the sound off – you can view the video here

Charal the latest IMOCA 60 to be launched

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  1. Mac Smith

    OK, that is not a MONOHULL, this is a record yes, but this is a FOILER.

    I don’t want to take away from the BOSS, but I know that this foiling is faster, wish I could adapt it to my 35′ sailboat, and so on.

    Congratulations! The speeds are terrific. The work put forth, outstanding for the crew and designers. WOW! That’s Flying, Literally!

  2. David Walsh

    Wow! Chichester could not even have imagined this when he was trying to achieve 200+ miles in 24hrs.

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