Shallotte Inlet Crossing and Lockwoods Folly Inlet crossing

3 Oct
With these latest surveys by the  USACE, Wilmington District all of the previously known  ICW inlet crossings shoal areas in North Carolina have now been surveyed post Florence.  While there are some changes  in several of the inlet crossings, they are all passable  if you  follow the ATONs.  Proceed on a rising tide and with caution.
Between Georgetown and Charleston  the previously noted  shoals are still present.  Between Charleston and Beaufort, we have reports of recent dredging, but there are no surveys from the USACE Charleston District.  Assume the previous shoal areas are still present until you can verify that the dredging is complete.
USACE Lockwoods Folly survey from September 27, 2018. Between G46 and R 47 you are going to cross a shoal and at MLLW you may see as little as 4 feet of water. Transit Lockwoods Folly crossing on a rising tide. As you turn at R48, the ICW channel is about 8 feet deep according to the survey, but the channel is now very narrow. Proceed carefully and “hunt” for the deepest water.
The transit survey of Shallotte Inlet crossing was completed on October 1. The hurricane had apparently very little impact on the ICW and the USACE does not show any waypoints. The ICW is straight and deep.
Note:  The USACE has surveyed all of he known trouble places, but they have not surveyed the entire  NC ICW, so there may be  shoaling in  places not yet surveyed.   but overall it appears that the  ICW is navigable  from Beaufort to Myrtle Beach. Please, if you see any USACE  survey boats, (25-30 foot outboard boats with a small cabin and SURVEY in big letters on the hull.) call them on the VHF 13/16 and thank them for  their hard work to get all of these areas surveyed quickly.


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