Lockwoods Folly Inlet Crossing October 3, 2018

3 Oct

OCTOBER 3, 2018  The US Army  Corps of Engineers has just released a survey of the Carolina Beach Inlet crossing and Lockwoods Folly Inlet crossing.  In both places the channels have narrowed and shoaled slightly .

Carolina Beach.  Depths of greater than 8 feet MLLW can be found at R15 and that seems to be the shallowest point in this inlet crossing.

When turning west into Snows Cut remember that there is shoaling to about 5 feet at the red side. Favor G161 as you turn west.

Lockwoods Folly.  Here is the latest USACE Lockwoods Folly survey.  Between G46 and R 47 you are going to cross a shoal.  At MLLW you may see as little as 4 feet of water here.  Transit Lockwoods folly on a rising tide. As you turn at R48, the ICW channel is about 8 feet deep according to the survey, but the channel is very narrow.  Proceed carefully and “hunt” for the deepest water.


It seems today that many cruisers are looking for GPX routes created by other cruisers, which they can then import to a chartplotter and follow.  This is not a safe way to navigate through narrow channels in dynamic parts of the ICW particularly in the aftermath of a significant hurricane,where the channel is constantly on the move.  I am loath to recommend a particular set of way points, and recommend that you plot the USACE waypoints on your own chart potter and then transit the inlet crossings on a rising tide.



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