USACE ICW Surveys: Browns, New River, Mason, Masonboro, and Carolina Beach, Inlet Crossings Post Florence

27 Sep


The USACE survey crews from the Wilmington NC district have been very active since hurricane Florence crossed the waters of North Carolina. The survey crews have surveyed many of the trouble spots. So far, the effects of Florence would appear to be far less than we feared. At this time they have surveyed and updated Browns Inlet Crossing (almost no change!), New River inlet crossing (almost no change from last survey), Masonboro Inlet crossing, Mason Inlet crossing, and Topsail Inlet crossing. As a general observation these inlets have not changed very much as a result of the storm.  We’re now looking forward to their surveys  between Carolina Beach and New River, and in particular Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte Inlet crossing.

The Corps of Engineers in NC have a lot of missions to conduct post hurricane Florence.  This is only one of them and we are very grateful that they  have been able to apply assets to this project. If you should see any of these survey crews on the water, be sure to hail them on VHF 13/16 and thank them for their prompt attention to these waterways!

For GPX files please PM me.


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