St Andrews Sound. STM 689

9 Apr

St. Andrews Sound.  This sound is to be respected.  It is often rolly with swells coming in off the ocean. When there is a strong east wind and outgoing current, it is not unusual to see 4 foot waves at times.  If the conditions are poor on your northbound leg, stay an extra day at Fernandina Beach or Cumberland Island.  If southbound spend a day or two at Jekyll Harbor Marina and let the conditions improve.  Jekyll Island is  beautiful.  It is easy to bike and explore.  The marina has a golf cart for transients to borrow.   CAUTION: R30 and G31 are not where they are shown on the charts.  They appear to be located more or less in the same place that we saw them in November.  The attached chart (Excerpt from NOAA chart 11491  updated 02/03/2018)  shows their approximate locations. R30 is near 30 59.880N, 081 24.920W . G31 is near 30 59.522N and 081 24.710W. We passed to the east of both of them and rounded the corner near R32 by 0.39 nautical miles.  We had +7.8 feet of tide help and consistently saw depths over 15 feet.  The NOAA sounding and the Navionics sonar chart agree that there is 7+ feet in this area at MLLW.



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