UPDATE 4/26, Shallotte Inlet Crossing STM 330

18 Apr

Good News!  The emergency dredging is now complete and this section should be deep and easy to transit.  This is one section of the ICW where the Navionics Sonar charts are incorrect.  The best navigational approach here is to just use your eyes and follow  the navigation aids. Betweeen R82  and R80, previously the worst stretch you will have 10 feet at MLLW.   The USACE survey indicates another shoal area  between R N76 and G75,  our notes showed 9 feet MLLW  on April 2,  2108 .

The picture on the left is the  USACE survey  on the NOAA chart. I created a route  based upon the survey. In the right hand picture the GPX route developed from the USACE dredging survey  is displayed on the NOAA chart with waypoints listed.  A GPX route is available.




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