New River Inlet Crossing STM 247

10 Apr

Pay close attention as you cross the New River.  This is a really deceptive trouble spot. This ICW inlet crossing is both visually confusing and has a significant shoal.  Visually, whether you are northbound or southbound N”12A” appears to line up with the Red ICW aids.  The ICW aids are numbered 70, 72, 74, and 76.  Unless you are watching the marks and reading off the numbers you will be lulled into running over to N “12A” thinking it is the mark where you turn.  This will put you aground on the shoal which has built across the ICW from the north.  This shoal carries 2 or 3 feet at low tide and about 6 feet at high tide.  Some boats clear the shoal at high tide and have no idea that they nearly grounded.    This a particular hazard to sailboats who may follow a powerboat and see it urn the corner and then suddenly find themselves hard around.  The USCG has placed RN “72A” to mark the shoal.  Whether northbound or Southbound you must “dip” to the south to regard RN “72A”.     The waypoints are in listed the enclosed chart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


  1. Tracy Hellman

    I went through a week ago and had two trawlers in front of me, that did not honor the dip, luckily it was high tide. 72 and 72A are really close to one another and can be confusing. Honors the new can locations.

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